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by CarolynH on 05 August 2020 - 16:08

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone knows of any DDR breeders breeding dogs with breed worthy working titles, correct temperament and structure?

Working titles such as; IGP (Schutzhund - BH or higher), WDA, PSA, Higher than a basic Herding instinct title, high level Tracking, Police dogs or Single purpose narcotics dogs ect.)

Not looking for UKC / IABCA / SV conformation only, weight pull, dock diving, barn hunt, trick dog titles, CGCs or agility.

Looking for puppies or adults:
- not from overused lines
- not heavy linebred
- not overly saturated with Sven - once is fine but prefer not more and really none at all.
- Happy to Import
- Happy to buy USA
- breed worthy titled parents
- hip and elbow passing parents
- DM clear


Boeselager German Shepherds - Kelly Shaw
Vom Alt-Osland - Judy Malone (TX)
Spartenville Shepherds - Constance B. Krebs (Michigan)
Sudenblick German Shepherds - Tonya Yost (TX)
Heiligen Schutz Shepherds - Sharon Verges (Wisconsin)
Stamm Steinsdorf DDRS - Lori Lambert (Louisiana)
Vom Oelmansdorf - Terry Hatten
Von Der Kronenlnsel - Christine Barker (California)
Huerta Hof German Shepherds - Robin Huerta (Illinois)
vd vier Freiheiten - Lacey Ford (IN but moving to TX soon)
Von Südwest - Leah Scott (New Mexicó)
Schöne Stadt German Shepherds - Jamie Price (KY)
Weberhaus German Shepherds - Malinda Weber (Kansas)
******************************************************************** Removed by Admin
Both were / are owned by: Lindsay Chlopek (Oregon)
Schraderhaus K9 - Jean Schrader (WA)
Sentinelharts - Camilla Hart (California)
Blackthorn Working German Shepherds - Christine Kemper (VA)
Von Kistha Haus - Kim Haegely (California)
Royale German Shepherds - Gail Bauer (Michigan)
Vom Klein Bauernhof - Vicki Newton (KY)
Vom Bermheimer Frost - Vicki Newton’s father (KY)
Eickental DDR Shepherds
Wunderhaus German Shepherds - Melody Wunder (TX)
Hena-C Kennel - Pamela Vander Veer Lake (New Hampshire)
Kavallerie Shepherds (VT)
Wolvesden Kennel - Canada
Sucherquelle German Shepherds - (WV)
Superior DDR German Shepherds of KY
Sonoline Kennel
DDR German Shepherds
DDR Huter der Nacht K9 German Shepherds - Louisiana
Jakoba German Shepherds - Ashley Shell (OK)
MK German Shepherds - Kara Spinner / ‎Mike Kara Spinner (Illinois)
Gentle German Shepherds - Pure DDR Puppies for Therapy, Service

STASI - Alexander Sosnovsky (Minsk, Belarus)


Knurri’s - Karola Knurr
Kranich’s Hof - Maurice Kranich
Ddrschäferhunde Bismarckschlösschen

Not sure if still breeding:

Vom Gräfental
von den Grauen von Monstab
Vom Klödener Riss
von Hildchensruh
vom Ludwigseck
vom Poppitz
von Weltwitz
vom Haus Iris
vom Anhalter Hof
vom Marongstein
vom Felsenschloß

German Breeders who do not breed under the SV - which means not able to be AKC registered here in America:

Von der Patterner Mühle - Karin Wolf
The Red Maple - Romy Neuhaus
Deutsche Schäferhunde vom Krüger- Hof

Looking for breeders / dogs that I do not know of, any help would be great! Thank you

Anyone wanting to add more information to this list please comment below as well!

by jettasmom on 05 August 2020 - 17:08

Mike Diehl has a imported Czech litter. I believe 2 males are avail as of last week.

Entwerfer Haus

by Entwerfer Haus on 05 August 2020 - 17:08

There are only several US breeders on that entire list that I would consider, if I were you. A couple of them will require you to multi-title your dog before they release rights.

Many of those US breeders are breeding generational untitled on top of untitled dogs. But you know that. So, if what you are looking for is a real working kennel, please see below. Imo

Granfental/Ludwigseck are certainly still producing wonderful dogs, however, it's very hard to get a flight to the US right now. (presuming you're in the US)  I have a couple of young dogs here now from this kennel and will go back next year (hopefully this pandemic will be under control) for another.

Welwitz is still breeding.

If you're on FB, do a search. Most have FB pages.

If you're familiar with working-dog.eu, most working kennels are there and advertise there as well.

by stormins on 05 August 2020 - 22:08

When reading your posts some questions come to mind...

1) How many DDR dogs are you looking for?

2) What are your intentions for those dogs? A Good breeder has just as much right to be concerned about what is going to happen to their dogs and how they are going to be treated.

3) You are asking for sport dogs with titles and also Police or other actual working dogs such as the Amtrak DDR dogs I saw in Chicago who are NOT titled .... Are you looking for sport dogs or dogs that can work? Most people in the DDR community know that that DDR's are slower to mature and don't always make good sport dogs. You don't want  an AKC CGC but a BH  companion dog title is ok? By the way the dog makes the title the Title doesn't make the dog as some overseas "titles" are like magic ...Voila and there 's a title.

4) You need to be looking at something other than DDR's if you want dogs from lines that are not linebred or "overused" as you put it. I refer you back to question #2

5) What about Tino? Or Lord? or Neumans Jim ? or the other DDR greats that show up multiple times in most modern DDR pedigrees.

6) Where are you located? Being close to a breeder would make it easier to visit and show you are very serious about making an informed "hands on" decision.

7) You have a pretty good list going already with a wide availability, so why do you need more? I refer you to #1

There are some good breeders on your list that I would buy from and some I would not, and some like some new young breeders (and the people they associate with) who act like they know more then lifetime german breeders that I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

But just looking at a website or FB post doesnt mean that you will know that much about their operation or how their dogs are worked ... if at all. I refer you to #6

One has to also be careful of some of the young new DDR breeders  that are coming online who think that they improve their stature in the DDR community by setting people up  to look bad so they can look better. They forget that an astute breeder  breeds for their clients not to make another breeder look better or worse.

I am aware of some other stateside and overseas DDR breeders not on your list but I'd like to see some answers to the above questions first before disclosing them.

by xPyrotechnic on 06 August 2020 - 01:08

I would only consider buying from a handful of the breeders that you mentioned, its ver very hard finding dogs that are not from overused lines nearly all the current DDR are from line 13 and are heavily linebred. In my 4 years of research i have only found 4 dogs that suit my quality standard that are not heavily linebred.

Does it have to be pure DDR vom Parchimerland just had a litter of 50% ddr and 50% west working lines


by CarolynH on 06 August 2020 - 10:08


Hello, I appreciate the detailed response and think it is best to continue the conversation privately, please check your Indox on Pedigree database as I have sent a rather lengthy and detailed response to each question.

Thank you again.


by CarolynH on 06 August 2020 - 10:08


Thank you for replying to this thread. I sent you a private message as well, please check your inbox, so we can discuss more details.

Thank you!

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 07 August 2020 - 13:08

Members should not advertise for sale here, contact member privately or use the classifieds please.

by stormins on 08 August 2020 - 01:08

Admin edit......Removed PRIVATE MESSAGEof another member it is against our TOS. mrdarcy (mod)


6. post emails or private messages, members’ private information including name, address, phone number, email address or contact employers of members. Excludes personal experiences and business deals, in this case both parties may be named by either party but no PMs or emails conversations can be posted.

by Rhumphrey7 on 09 August 2020 - 14:08

Do you have a husband? How long did that take? Who decides what "worthy" is? Since you have discovered all these breeders and you haven't purchased THE dog, does that mean they have no "worthy" dogs?"" I own Eickental and I have to disagree with some of your comments ... You have never talked with me or been to my place and seen my operation or the work my DDR's do. I did however remove you from some of my facebook groups because of your vicious attacks on other breeders who apparently weren't up to your standards. I believe this "when a person stands on a ladder in the middle of the room and tries to impress you with their knowledge at the expense of others, you have met the narcissist." You copied and posted this in a number of Facebook groups and here on PDB. There are some very good and knowledgeable breeders that apparently weren't up to your qualifications in your list. Perhaps there is another agenda that you have besides looking for a dog. We meet people everyday whom we may not agree with, but we don't have to chastise them for their "limited knowledge". This world is a small place and it needs kind people to make it better


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