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by Kevgar510 on 30 April 2020 - 16:04

So im new to owning a purebred and my first gsd pup so bare with me. I started looking into his pedigree but i dont know how to read it all and dont know what most abbreviations mean. I was trying to find common tittles in his pedigree to see if he has any common traits among them and possibly be a natural at those i know he is a west german showline and that his great grandad was vamp who was pretty known in the gsd community thanks for the help


by Hundmutter on 30 April 2020 - 16:04

Welcome to PDB.

Your puppy has breeding based in German showlines.

Letters and numbers in red before each dog's name on the pedigree are showdog ratings:

SG is a 'very good' (lower age related) awarded in competition, usually at the annual German Sieger show (BSZS). The number relates to how far back in the gradings for its class the dog was, e.g. SG5 was graded 5th in class; so, better than SG17 which means that dog came 17th. Dogs will often have several such awards from different Shows, it is convention to list the best one.

VA = Excellent Select, the top grading for adult dogs. The VA group has not been numbered some years, but VA1 would be each year's Sieger (top dog). V = excellent (1 grade down from VA), and again, the numbers indicate class order.

'CH' means dog has been awarded a Champion title, elsewhere than Germany.

The blue IPO titles after each dog's name - IPO 1 2 or 3 - you may have seen also referred to as VPG or Schutzhund. This is the pass award for the trialling element of SV shows, so a dog competing at the German Sieger show (and others) which has achieved an award in Obedience, Bitework and Tracking elements is passed IPO 1; one that achieves the top rank of competition is IPO 3 (sometimes written ' iii ').

Info in green are joint health gradings - results under hip (HD) and elbow (ED) schemes.


by Hundmutter on 30 April 2020 - 17:04

Kevgar, keep reading on the PDB site and you will discover a whole world of other GSDs than the German breeding & Showing system ! Some of the gradings and working titles are called the same things, but for example American GSDs can be Ambred AKC Showdogs   (quite a lot of difference, lol); or 'Working Lines', many of which will in the near past have come from bloodlines bred in kennels in Czechia, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, etc rather than Germany. They all come from the original German dogs used to develop the breed, in Germany, a hundred years ago, but influences in their pedigrees on "what they are good at" come from closer in time.

There is a wealth of information here, but it won't sink in all at once, give it time. Surf around; there are useful things here. Not just in the regular posts on current topics but also, if you look down the left hand side of this page, Articles on all manner of things to do with the breed, including some which will give you further details on the question you brought here, and related matters such as health tests.

by Kevgar510 on 30 April 2020 - 23:04

Thanks very helpful!


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