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by k9trainergsd on 20 March 2019 - 21:03

I was wondering how you can tell where the kennels in the database come from? DDR, West German, Czech etc. How do you get started on understanding pedigrees? I can look up titles and health clearances but how do you get information on the kennels?

by apple on 21 March 2019 - 12:03

The first thing to learn is if the kennels are breeding working or show lines. Many serious breeders have websites that tell you something about the dogs they are breeding. There is no DDR, even though people say they are preserving the DDR lines, which, IMO, is more marketing than reality. There is some genetic influence from dogs coming from DDR lines. Also, it is more about the individual dogs in a pedigree than what country they come from. There are strong dogs from West German and Czech kennels and some that are not so strong. More and more, breeders are bringing in new genetics to refresh their bloodlines by mixing breedings with dogs from different countries, mainly Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Holland, Sweden and Denmark, and U.S. and Canadian kennels with working line dogs from imported bloodlines.
I think you see a greater influence on what sport certain lines are bred for or if lines are breed more for police work. I think you see this aspect more with Malinois than GSDs, as IGP is the primary sport for GSDs. With the Malinois, there is French ring, Belgian ring, Mondio ring, KNPV, etc. and dogs competing in those sports are bred for different traits in order to excel at their sport of choice. For example, Tiekerhook kennel in Holland breeds for a more extreme type of dog, but you mainly see them in IGP and not so much in KNPV or as police dogs.

by k9trainergsd on 08 April 2019 - 17:04

Thank you apple. That helps a lot.

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