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by Stefanalabi on 20 February 2019 - 10:02

Please I need assistance. I'm writing an article for my local club members to educate on proper kennel sizes and runs/exercise spaces for the GSD. I'll need inputs on pictures, measurements and links to read more on it. Thanks in anticipation!

by GSCat on 21 February 2019 - 07:02

I have a Giant Vari Kennel for when I absolutely have no choice but to crate my GSD. She's on the small end of the standard, but I wouldn't put her in anything smaller for any length of time. She has big, tall, pointy, beautiful ears, so the tips touch the top when she's standing inside. If I had to use the crate to ship her, I'd have to insert 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 in between the two halves so it would be tall enough to pass an airline inspection for her. The manufacturer lists the size as 48 inches long x 32 inches wide x 35 inches tall. My GSD can stand, turn, sit, lay, twirl, and do some jumping around to "walk" the crate across the floor. If she sleeps in the crate, she can stretch out and lay her head on the little ledge at the door end, but she isn't totally as stretched out as she is when outside the crate. She does like the crate, though, and I've found her with cats sleeping together inside when I've left the door open.  And she has gotten out of the crate.

If Vari Kennel made a bigger size, like 6 feet long, I'd buy it.

For growing puppies, you need to size it correctly so the pup doesn't soil it's sleeping space... this can happen if the space is too big (sleep on one end and pee/poo on the other).

If I built a kennel and run, I'd make the run at least 20 feet long, but would prefer 50 or 100 feet long. For a run 100 feet long, you could get away with 6 feet wide, but I'd prefer at least 10 feet wide. One of the big box home improvement stores sells a chain link outdoor enclosure with a chain link top... the regular chains pipe supports... No shelter, so you'd have to add something, but if it were attached to the house and there were a doggie door so GSD could get out for pee/poo during a long work day, that would be better than having to hold it. But, it isn't enough room for exercise.

Note: a 6 foot tall fence will not keep GSD confined. When my GSD was a 3 month old puppy, she cleared a 6 foot privacy fence with no effort (chasing a rabbit).

Important note: bitches in heat have to have a top on the enclosure. And every side, end, top, and bottom constructed so a male cannot get in or breed the female through the side, door, etc. and so she cannot get out.

The temp building/kennel enclosure things seem nice, but I've seen GSD pacing and clearly unhappy in the enclosure, so probably too small without other exercise.


I wonder if GSD Club of America, AKC, Working Dogs, etc. organizations have official size recommendations?



by Lunastar on 22 February 2019 - 02:02

Everything GSCat said is right on. I have used the same size crates for both my GSDs and other large breeds. For kennel runs I have used AKC approved and branded kennel panels. With these kennel panels I make my runs however big or small I want and even use them to fence in my whole yard if I wanted to. The are far better than chain link kennel panels, which I first used, and my Shepherds actually ripped holes in the fence with their jaws. It's amazing how powerful a dogs jaws truly are. But with the black powder coated galvanized AKC kennel panels I have not had to worry about them tearing the fences and running the countryside ever again. You can find the AKC panels for sale online or at stores like Home Depot or even Tractor Supply Company. Most home/farm supply stores seem to sell them and I think a few pet supply stores do as well. Here is an example of the AKC kennel panels online: I do remember seeing a plain silver version a while back as well, but it seems harder to find. AKC also makes it's own travel crates in various sizes too. Pretty much anything dog related they make so it's not hard to find the right stuff you need. A good tip is to look around at home improvement or farm supply stores and imagine different uses for their other non dog related stuff. For example those old style silver galvanized metal trash cans make prefect dog food holders. Plastic dog food holders can be dangerous are they have tiny little microscopic pores in them: So it would be a good idea to avoid using plastic food bowls and use metal only. Metal buckets can also be clipped onto outdoor kennel panels to serve as food and water bowls.


by Stefanalabi on 24 February 2019 - 07:02

Thanks a bunch @GSCat your info is highly appreciated and helpful.
@Lunastar I'll check that AKC site too. Thanks a lot.

by GSCat on 24 February 2019 - 11:02

Forgot to add that some German Shepherds are fence climbers. Mine started it as a 9 week 1 day old puppy (the day after coming home with me). I had used an exercise pen to create a designated area for pee and poo, but she didn't want to stay inside until after peeing and pooing. She still climbs, so she has to be watched very carefully. Puts her paws inside the holes in chain link fencing, or onto cross bars of wrought iron fencing and climbs it like a ladder.

There are buckets with one flat side, and make sure you get medical/food grade stainless. I prefer using snap links to attach pails to fencing or the crate door, because she lifts the bucket with the regular hooks up and off.


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