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by Hardworkingdawgz on 20 November 2018 - 10:11

Has anyone ever given someone a brood bitch with the arrangement that they take care of her but allow you to breed her and sell puppies. When done with breedings, they bitch is theirs? I ask this because of a pending kennel rebuild and lack of space (in winter). Obviously they would have to be vetted/trusted and an agreement met on vet bills/food. Interested in hearing the pros and cons.

by Hundmutter on 20 November 2018 - 16:11

Don't know how much help this'll be other than to show you that yes, such arrangements are sometimes made, so are possible:
This is over 25 years ago now, but my first bitch was born from a litter where the bitch, her dam, was informally co-owned in just such an arrangement. My mentor let this woman have a l/c female she had already had to 'rescue' back from her original puppy purchaser, as she was not being well cared for. I don't have a clue what the financial side of the deal was, but I do know that 'Fluff' had mates selected by my mentor, the breeder, and came home while in whelp, twice. She then had her two litters and each time went back to her permanent 'mum' after weaning. The woman then kept her as her companion afterwards, I don't think she had any further litters off her (again, I don't know whose choice that was). This was in the UK so not sure whether AKC 'Limited Registration' might complicate such an agreement ?

If you have someone in mind you can trust, and they are willing to work with you, I don't see why not do this, in theory; it could indeed solve a temporary kennel space problem. But as with all such things, you are better off putting it all in precise terms in writing, which both of you agree and sign in advance; don't leave any issues 'woolly', or it could come back and bite you.

by DuganVomEichenluft on 20 November 2018 - 17:11

I "fostered" a brood bitch for a breeder that was still breeding. I, did, however return the dog during whelp and until pups were weaned. We have a nearly 20 yr friendship. Therefore it was based off trust. After she retired her from breeding, I kept her. Everything went smoothly because we had trust in each other.


by ZweiGSD on 20 November 2018 - 19:11

I currently am doing something like that.  My boss (owns a boarding/training kennel) acquired a female GSD from a breeding that she liked.  She wanted  several litters with her but it was not a good time for her to take on another dog.  She asked me if I would be interested in taking care of her and whelping out the litters, stating that she had no intention of ever taking her back from me.

She had 3 litters (9 pups, 11 pups, 10 pups).  Nine pups from each litter survived.  It was a wonderful experience for me and I didn't have to worry about how I was going to find owners for all the pups (reputation of kennel did that).  She is now almost 8 years old and both of us are retired from having pups.

A written contract spelling things out is the smart thing to do.  We did not have one but I have worked there for over 18 years and knew her for 10 years prior to that.  

by Hardworkingdawgz on 21 November 2018 - 11:11

Great input thank you. Finding right person and getting everything in writing is key. Finding right person will be the hard part!

by DuganVomEichenluft on 21 November 2018 - 13:11

Yes, especially finding a random person. Best if you can find a good friend. Still type up a contract, but it would make the process easier if you know the person.

Good luck and Happy Holidays,

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