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by Brittany21 on 13 October 2018 - 13:10

Was wondering what thoughts were on this issue and what you would do as a breeder: a 15 month old puppy was diagnosed with EPI (through blood work and clinical signs) what would you do with the sire, dam, and any pups kept from that same breeding as future breeding dogs? Would you just not pair the two together again, or remove both and the other pup from the breeding program? Thanks

by jettasmom on 14 October 2018 - 18:10

Remove all from breeding program. EPI is a horrible disease for the dog. While it can be managed it is expensive and most can’t afford the meds that are needed for the dog to survive. Just not worth taking the chance it can be passed on.

by Nans gsd on 14 October 2018 - 18:10

Agree and how horrible for the dog; also varying degree's if EPI makes some management of the disease almost impossible.

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