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by Brittany21 on 14 September 2018 - 15:09

Was wondering if anyone has had a breeding dog with EPI? It seems to be a grey area of weather or not it is genetic. Has anyone had experience with this at all?

by susie on 14 September 2018 - 18:09

Although EPI is able to affect any breed, the percentage of affected GSDS is higher than normal.
Although EPI can be caused by medical factors, too, actual science believes in "genetic" predisposition in most cases.

It's good for the single dog that EPI is easy to treat, but for sure it's not good for the breed as a whole.

That said I'd never breed an affected dog.
"Breeders" always tend to forget that the GSD is one of the biggest breed in numbers of the world...
No unhealthy dog (be it EPI, HD, ED, or anything else) is that outstanding that there are not at least 100s else showing the same outstanding traits, but healthy...

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