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by windy torres on 03 September 2018 - 20:09

Just woke up today with a question that many of you could know.
Does raw feeding vs kibbles will produce difference results over the time afecting or helping with the hips results.
Example. Could a dog with good hip could be excellent if we're fed raw ? thanks
Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 03 September 2018 - 21:09

Food alone I don't think so but if they were bred right and whelped right then I will say yes it can help to feed raw.

When I changed my food to raw for the females, actually all my dogs, I have had about a 70% ofa excellent never less than good or A1's

I do not whelp on slick surfaces and try to use good hips scores only depending on the adult.

by Nans gsd on 03 September 2018 - 21:09

I think my older girl benefited from raw as she was aging and starting to loose muscle tone, etc. At the time I started she was 11 years old and lived another 4 + years healthly; and sinus/nasal growth took her down but her muscle tone was still pretty good. She was almost (6 weeks shy) of 15 years old. Those growth's are usually (80%) malignant. So all in all I was able to keep feeding her raw even though she had dental problems I just went to preground raw. Good luck

by Hoytn on 02 October 2018 - 01:10

Hips and elbows are a genetic component food will help but not make a bad hip good or a good hip bad. That being said I feed my pup raw and her energy is insane.

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