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by Lleigh on 01 July 2018 - 19:07

I have taken ownership of this girl.. She was seen being tossed out of a truck, boiling water poured on her, and was beaten. (this was all witnessed by the person who caught her after said events.)
I picked her up and took her to the vet.. She has multiple infections, sarcoptic mange, HW, worms, ect.. BUT She is such a good girl and is coming around quickly. I cant wait to watch her blossom and have the life she should have had all along.

by northernshepherdlady on 01 July 2018 - 20:07

Thank goodness there are good people to help poor dogs like Leah; wishing her a speedy recovery. God Bless You!

by susie on 01 July 2018 - 20:07

Guess from now on your place in heaven is set!
A lot of time, a lot of money...Not many people would do this...

I really hope the 2 of you will become the best dog/human team ever seen!

by Hundmutter on 02 July 2018 - 05:07

Thank you Leah, well done ! I wish every ill treated dog could find a friend like you. Good luck with her.

by Lleigh on 03 July 2018 - 03:07

An imageThanks everyone! She has a FB fundraiser that is also helping so its not all me. She is a great girl. Trying to get pics/video up soon! Thx for all of the well wishes!!

by Lleigh on 03 July 2018 - 03:07

That is her today. She already looks a million times better!

by Lleigh on 03 July 2018 - 03:07

An image

by Lleigh on 03 July 2018 - 03:07

I can't wait to see what she looks like healthy. She is already beautiful.

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