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by sdchargers on 02 June 2018 - 15:06

I am trying to find the closest SV certified Vet close to Cumberland Maryland 21502

by sarahwillard7 on 05 June 2018 - 14:06

I have been dealing with this exact same issue. I am in SW Virginia. I was just told by a very reputable breeder who has been raising working dogs for years that you can use any vet that does OFA and have them give you a copy of the disc instead of sending xrays to OFA and then you can send that off to be transferred to film and then have films sent to USCA and they will submit them to the SV for a small fee. That is looking like my best option as the closest I can find near me is Troy Animal Hospital in Troy, OH. That may also be an option for you. They were going to charge near $700 per dog though.

So, here is the info she sent me. Sorry it is so lengthy but it answered my question so you may appreciate it as I did.

Here is the criteria along with the link for the paperwork for your vet to fill out. This can be done between 12-14 months of age for his formal certification.

Please note that the very top of the pelvis should be seen. The SV will not accept the films if the top of the pelvis is not visible along with the knees.

You may submit your SV hip films through USCA after receiving your membership. Anything A1-A3 is a breedable hip rating through the SV.

HERE IS THE FORMULA THAT IS NEEDED FOR PROPER Positioning TO GET YOUR BEST RATING with the German SV.KNEES MUST ALWAYS be in the films. Many vets do not put them in, it can cost you up to 1- 2 grades down on your hip rating.

Always keep in mind perfect picture of the x-ray.

1.Left side of the image must be exact mirror image of Right side.
That is determined by: a. the "holes" in the pelvis must be of exact size and shape.
b. the overlap of the hipbone (femur) and pelvis must be of exact size and shape.

2.What must be parallel and what perpendicular.
That is determined by: a. the femurs must be parallel with each other.
b. the femurs must be parallel with the spine
c. the femurs must be parallel with the vertical ( up-down) axis of the pelvis
d. Perpendicular ( 90* angle) must be exact between horizontal (L and R) axes of the pelvis and femurs and spine.

3.What must be seen on the x-ray:
a. top of the pelvis
b. knee caps

4. Positioning of the kneecaps: Knee caps must be in the middle of the knee like in a bull's eye target. This is extremely important and most common mistake vets make and one of the most influential parts of the x-ray. If the knee caps are pointed outwards then that will torque out of the socket and make the hips look out of socket and make the femoral neck look thicker which will downgrade your SV hip evaluation.

Organization For Hip Certification Just fill out the paperwork and submit the films to USCA and they take care of the rest:

This is the company that transfers disc to film. They charge $9.50 per image plus $12 for shipping. All they require is your disc of digital xrays, a check, address to mail back your films, name and daytime phone number.

Best regards,


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