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by AngelK9 on 24 April 2018 - 12:04

Hello, I'm hoping I can get some better directions on receiving my 2 German shepherd dogs bescheinigung. My dogs were born in Germany then purchased and resided in Hungary. I purchased them from a breeder in Hungary and they now reside here in the US with me. I have misplaced my bescheinigung during our move. Unfortunately my breeder in Hungary has passed away due to health issues and I'm not sure how to retain a copy of this. I have looked online and from what I understand the VDH issues this? I have the what documents I have to submit (original pedigree, address of new owner, date of purchase) as well as the address where to send these documents. In the directions from the VDH it says the fees are 60 euro and I am given bank information to transfer this money to. However I am confused because it says along with every transfer of money, they need name of applicant and "export certificate". The export certificate is what I am applying for? how would I send that with a wire transfer of money. I need to register my dogs with AKC, which is why I need this document. This process confuses me and if anyone has had to be issued a bescheinigung again or knows this process that could please help me I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you!


by susie on 24 April 2018 - 19:04

I took a look at the dogs you created on this board. In case you are talking about the "einsamen Wolf" dogs VDH can't help because they are Hungarian bred, not German bred.
In case of a German bred dogs VDH at least needs a sales contract.
In case the former owner died (the HungarIan owner ) you may try to convince them per DNA test and sales contract from German breeder/Hungarian breeder.
SV in this case may be no choice: they want to see name and subscribtion of every seller/buyer on the original pedigree.

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