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bun bun

by bun bun on 14 March 2018 - 09:03

I am hoping to get a few referrals on good schutzhund trainers that board and train? Wanted to see if that was an option here in the USA.

Thank you

by hexe on 14 March 2018 - 11:03

Be extremely careful. This board has more than a few threads that detail the perils of such, with the least awful outcome being the owner's money is siphoned out of them over months and months on end, and when the owner finally reclaims their dog they find the animal is no more trained than when they initially left it with the trainer. In worst cases, dogs are 'lost', bred without the owner's knowledge and permission, sold out from under the owner, and the most heinous end result of all: neglected to the point of dying of starvation and dehydration.

If there is any possible way you can keep your dog at home with you and work with a trainer and/or join a training club to achieve your goals, that poses far less risk to your dog and to your wallet. If you simply cannot do it that way, don't part with your dog or a dime until you've thoroughly checked references from not only past clients, but the local animal control officers where the facility is located, and with other trainers and handlers in the sport; get confirmation that the facility has an active history as a client from the veterinarians the facility uses. Go to see the facility yourself--don't rely on videos or photos sent to you by the trainer, as what it looks like presently may not be the same.

If you consign your dog for boarding and training, get IN WRITING a very detailed agreement specifying what behaviors the dog will be trained to perform, and to what level of proficiency the dog will perform them. If you will be paying the trainer to obtain the titles on the dog, establish IN WRITING a deadline by which the titles must be completed, and insist on weekly video updates as well as real-time visual communication via Skype or FaceTime at a frequency agreed upon by you and the trainer. Do not agree to any changes to the contract, once you've both signed it, without a written addendum being created and signed off on by both of you as well.

It would likely cost you less money to purchase an adult dog that's already titled and has its health clearances than it will to have a dog trained in IPO [Schutzhund is no more] via this route.

by GSCat on 15 March 2018 - 02:03

Agree wholeheartedly with the above.

Some board/train want you to sign a document absolving them of all responsibility for death, injury, illness, and/or theft if the dog, or if the dog bites someone.

See how many of their trained dogs earned titles/certifications, what type(s), and when/where earned, and if they were earned with their handler(s) or the dogs' owner(s).

If there is no local PSA/Ring-type club locally, check with the national organization or with a local police K9 handler.

Far better to train the dog yourself under the supervision of a trainer, as your dog will likely respond better to you from the get-go (bonding) and if the dog is a puppy, you don't want the primary bond to be with someone other than you.

Some breeders also train, or have cooperative arrangements with trainers/training facilities. There may be discounts with a puppy/dog purchase.

In reality, the training is a huge part of the fun and satisfaction of the competition and earning of titles.

by Mprimm on 15 March 2018 - 20:03

I think bun bun is asking for recommendations!
We have all read the hora stories about sending dogs off for training. However I would bet there some people that have had good experiences with sending their dogs away for training.

bun bun

by bun bun on 22 March 2018 - 18:03

Yes looking for recommendations! Thank you

by Sunsilver on 22 March 2018 - 22:03

Second what Hexe said. I would not recommend board and train. YOU need to be trained as well as the dog! That being said, there are good trainers out there, but it would help to know your location.

by Centurian on 22 March 2018 - 23:03

Helps to know your reason and goals for Titling your dog .

In short , if your reason is to have the dog titled because you want to breed the dog and don't have the time because of other responsibilities to title the dog, that is one thing. In short, I just say that you can try to contact other GS breeders nationally and get their input. But ... no matter what country , be cautious because there are good Sch/IPo trainers and very very bad trainers too . Would hate for you to have gotten your dog back and the dog is never the same dog, not the dog , in a manner of speaking, you had , before you had sent it . In that case , or most cases your dog is a commodity .

If you just want a titled GS for your companionship ... I would say .. save your money . If you were a club member that is different situation , because that is joining a social group where you can have leisure time with your GS. But be wary , because the ' type ' of GS you have is a functional variable. For instance , yes someone can title your dog , when you get the dog back , pending the dog , it might not pay heed to any OB exercise . I have seen this with GSs before : someone trains the dog , the dog will work unto the trainer and when the owner gets the dog back .. that dog has no regard for the owner. This has noting to do with the trainer or training.. has all to do with the relationship that is developed . The relationship the dog has with the trainer is not the same relationship the dog will have for and with you . People think dogs do things just because ' you say so ' and that is not entirely** true. Just because the dog knows, for example come , that does not mean the dog will come to you like it does the trainer automatically . Or down /stay , or bring etc... Some dogs will , some won't. What matters is not the destination but the journey . What matters is your relationship with your dog as you teach it / title it , NOT the Title itself .

by joanro on 23 March 2018 - 00:03

Agree with Hexi....if you are asking for recommendations; I recommend do not send your dog to any IPO trainer...EVER ! Train the dog yourself and save your dog from the dreggs of dogdom. No dog deserves what happens at so-called IPO training camps.

by apple on 23 March 2018 - 11:03

The problem with having someone else title your dog because you want to breed him is that by not training him yourself, you really don't learn what traits are likely genetic vs. learned. Plus, if you can't train a dog, you probably shouldn't be breeding. So many genetically based faults in terms of drives, nerves, etc. can be masked by training. So you end up not knowing much about your dog or what to look for in a breeding partner.

by Centurian on 23 March 2018 - 12:03

Everything you write is true. I would hope that if you are the one that owns the dog that you are the one to title the dog too. For me .. then I question : if you don't teach and interact with the dog , what is the value of even having a dog. And those that have dogs as commodities for their personal gain .. then I leave that idea for others to think about for themselves.

But many a good breeder , that breeds , unfortunately send their dogs out to professionals to get the dog titled. I wonder how many new comers realize : most high end Show Line GSs are not titled by their breeders. Many a great breeder lacks great training skills. And many a great trainer lacks the knowledge to breed. The person that excels at both , I often wonder , how many are those...
And you are correct.. I'll emphasize that notion again : when you don't train the dog you own , you lose out in so many respects .

BTW ... my personal bias .... I would never ever ever let anyone train my dog. I wouldn't let them train my dog in my sight let alone out of my sight .. But ... that is my biased opinion. I refer the OP to the thread recently on PDB where the advice to the OP was to stop the training ..

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