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by Gustav on 04 April 2018 - 11:04

I agree Hundmutter that it is not wise to consider pedigree from an ignorant point of view. And most people do that, that’s why I said I do it but don’t recommend it. I have group of friends over the world, that all have owned, seen, worked, and bred so many dogs over so long a period of time that the names of dogs/lines actually conveys a picture of predominant traits in these dogs/lines. Most of these friends like myself have gone to yearly national events and many world championships so as to see these dogs perform ALONG with their progeny.
Is this foolproof? Nooooo, but for some knowledgeable people, they can pick a better pup consistently from a pedigree than most can from looking at what is in front of them either pups or parents.

by Hundmutter on 04 April 2018 - 20:04

Agree with you Gustav; trouble as I see it is that far too few people ever investigate, [even to a partial, much
lesser extent than someone like you, where you are really interested and where work has been a feature of why you bother to learn so much] in the detail that would assist them in making better choices. Goes hand in hand IMO with all those folk who 'must' have a (pet) dog, yet do not check out anything about how much time and effort and money goes into good & responsible dog-keeping. We sadly seem to belong to a species that is largely apathetic, or bloody idle, and won't even educate themselves to a degree that will make their lives a bit easier.

Nobody can know it all; as you said, some people who have been involved so deeply and so long, they at least do have memory-pictures in their minds; and maybe, just maybe, a few of the newer people will eventually be in their position, given time. Meanwhile, those are the people who can help to inform others - but the new ones need to be prepared to ask, and to listen. Even when, as you also said, nothing is foolproof, there are ways to learn at least some basics, IF people can be bothered to do so.

by Gustav on 05 April 2018 - 11:04

You know what’s a shame, there was a time when titles meant so much more. In the 70s, when a dog came over to the states with a Sch title, you could more times than not be able to convert that dog to meaningful work. It’s only in the eighties that you start to see dogs with Sch titles come over and when put on the work field ( which included sport before it was sport) it’s evident the dog is very deficient in drives and nerves.

And I’m speaking from seeing hundreds of dogs during this period coming 8nto the States, for LE and for Sch clubs.

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