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Started IPO3 Sired Female 4mths old $1800
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IPO1 Sired Started 6mth Male $2800
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IPO3 male, extremely courageous character!!!
Male for sale

by Vinny B on 02 January 2018 - 15:01

Dear members, I am constantly hearing about pple purchasing dogs from abroad and not receiving the said dog, paperwork, etc. Why do you not purchase locally re: US or Canada. Our dogs are just as good if not better and if anything goes wrong there is generally some kind of recourse.

Not all foreign breeders are crooks, but when they are, our laws can not protect you or it is too difficult to pursue a resolution when dealing with them.

Yes, there are crooks in the US and Canada, but generally if anything does go wrong, you can better deal with it.

Just a thought??

Happy New Year to all

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