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by Danajo84 on 01 January 2018 - 20:01

I am very interested in importing a german shepherd from Germany but am having a hard time figuring out how to go about it. I have found some german kennel sites but can’t understand most of what they say lol. Also I really want to make sure I use a reputable kennel. I would love to know who you guys have used, who you think is best, who not to use so on. I have several GSD from import lines but really want to try importing one myself this time. Please any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

by duke1965 on 01 January 2018 - 20:01

If you want to import for the sole reason of importing I wouldnot do it, If there is something specific you want and cannot find in USA its another story

Happy new year and may you choose wisely Wink Smile

by gsd forever on 01 January 2018 - 20:01

i am sorry to be a debbie downer but i know of at least 10 other ways to see money go up in smoke !! best bet if you don't know anyone is to go thru a handler as in yvonne schneider she has a facebook page....but what do you think they have that is not available in the good old usa????????

by Danajo84 on 01 January 2018 - 21:01

Gsd forever, I just started breeding GSD’s recently and have gotten flack for not having german import dogs. My females and my males all have german working lines and german showines but we’re born in the US. I have unfortunately found a lot of GSD breeders to be very snoody and not helpful. I was shocked that so many people can be so rude to someone just trying to learn. So thank you for not being unkind. I have seen so many people selling imported dogs I just always wondered how it is done and if it is worth it.


by yogidog on 01 January 2018 - 21:01

Germany only sell the shit they don't want waisting you money thinking you are going to get a top dog you might get a decent pedigree but the dog will be bottom of the litter.

by Reliya on 01 January 2018 - 22:01

I'll send you a PM.

by Jenni78 on 01 January 2018 - 23:01

Yogi, that is not true- there are many honest Germans. I have gotten some wonderful dogs from Germany. Now, I don't recommend a novice go perusing classifieds and sending money without due diligence,but plenty of people get ripped off in their own country.

Danajo, what are you looking for? Age, training, gender, budget, bloodlines, etc. Not enough info given to steer you in the right direction.

by yogidog on 02 January 2018 - 00:01

Jenni it not a judgement on the honesty. It why would you let the best leave your country. I know many people who bought and got average and these are not newbies. I was over there myself 2 years ago looking and bought nothing.

by Centurian on 02 January 2018 - 15:01

Dana ....
Did you ever hear the expressions : " Prudence is the better part of Valor " and " A Fool soon parts with his/her money " ? Common sense , they are expressions commonly used for a reason .

One cannot always generalize . Yes there are many honest breeders , and , some very good breeders with a planned solid breeding program realizes that he/she cannot keep every single puppy that they produce. So it is possible to get an outstanding way above average GS. But the best is kept , held back . One way to also keep a good dog is co-owning and satelliting out your progeny to people close to you . But that does not mean that no one can get a very very good dog but it also means it is very very very difficult.

However if you are not well versed and experienced , if you deal with people you don't know or sponsored/spoken for by someone else you know , if you do not understand what the breeder is trying to do for himself/herself and how he/she can also at the same time fulfill your needs in a GS , then common sense will dictate that you will be raked over the coals.

The fact of the matteris that most breeders need to perpetuate their good breeding and need to keep the best that they produce. Common sense , that is just plain stupidity to let the best of your stock go to simply pet ownership. And if you don't believe me then consider this .

I got the impression that this past year 2017 the Schutzhund USA Sieger Show was considered to be a nice event through the grapevine sort to speak . But the reality is the show overall was deplorable. One ofthe worst representations of the USA Show Line Gs , i had seen in a while. Just about all those GS... I would not even give 2 cents for . For many GS , their structure was absolutely horrible . To me this show was a disgrace to what the Americans produce but it hsowed what their so called best is. What a crying shame .. that was their best represented. The sad part is because of the ratings , many that showed think that they have super GSs - they don't . To those people that are going to jump down my throat , before you even consider debating this , I would say don't embarrass yourselves by demonstrating your ignorance about GS structure. Go to Germany and see what they have because many average GSin Germany are better than many dogs in the USA !! Why I write this : America and other countries do not get the best imported GS generally [is it possibble now and then to a super one yes , but generally ... not this is far from the case ] .. Many think they get the cream of the crop GS imported -- that is what they think in ignorance .. But ... Revert back to the USA Sieger Show , get the USA magazine and take a look for yourselves . If you are knowledgable there is no way in he** that you can argue this point. You call that outstanding - year 2017 was a joke ! Same with police. Do some Police Depts .get some great imports , yes. But I can't tell you how foolish some police Depts are in thinking that they had imported a great working dog when in reality , I wouldn't give them wo cents for that police dog. Inwouldn't take some of those GS if you paid me to take them.

For the record , I am not bashing ..seems that way .. but I am not ... not by any means.. I am being truthful , even if the truth hurts. And I am not being demeaning , I was lucky in my year to have some of the best GS in the USA from Europe .. so this is not sour grapes either . Anyone , I mean anyone in the know and honest in the GS World for 40 years or so , will tell you the same.

Bottom line Dana , unless you research , have the correct people to work with ..." let your coinscience be your guide " and "let the buyer beware " - two more expressions to keep in mind.


by yogidog on 02 January 2018 - 16:01

Good post centurian and that is the truth. Iv seen many dogs that where brought from Germany for big money and people think they have the cream. They have a good dog bur not the cream. One import a male. a friend of mine brought in from Germany about 4 years ago. at about 3. No joke paid 25,000€ superb movement super structure everyone used him as a stud and it came out the dog suffered from a coat problem and passed it on to most litters to this day this dog never has a quality coat. This dog has 90% but is still missing something and that is why he was sold.

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