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by windy torres on 23 August 2017 - 00:08

I wonder if supplementing your dogs with some high quality protein in small amounts like boiled eggs or meats will help your dogs to boost the immune system and muscles mas ,or longevity to name a few. Any tips from those who have tried with success. Thanks in advance. PS I'm feed my dogs Victor dog food

by Nans gsd on 23 August 2017 - 18:08

YES, meat and eggs are both great to supplement with, be sure to adjust amount of kibble if you add anything. My guys packed on the weight pretty fast when I started adding ground meat(s) raw or cooked. Had to cut their consumption down of kibble as it is pretty fattening. I feel meat is your answer, much better muscle tone and aging. Good luck NAn

by ShirosOhana on 23 August 2017 - 18:08

I feed my dogs raw. Both of mine started with raw food when they were pups and now eat raw venison and beef and occasionally some bird with their kibble at night. They will very rarely get eggs but I will throw some in their kibble every now and then. I also feed my dogs pumpkin every other week or so, to help with their digestive systems. Also for treats they get apple slices (no skin, core or seeds) Carrots, blueberries and watermelon and a banana every now and then.

Raw does good things for their muscles, and Nan is right, kibble can be very fattening, which is why I measure how much they get every night.

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