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by giotal07 on 11 August 2017 - 13:08

This is my dogs first litter she is 2 years old. She had 11 pups all seemed healthy she ate one in the first 12 hours. Over the last 24 hours she's eaten two. She seems like a good mom she lets them latch cleans after them. What can be causing this.? Thanks any help is appreciated.

by 8lu3d09 on 11 August 2017 - 17:08

I am not sure but I was told by breeder once, that first time mothers may eat their pups to keep them safe because whilst the pups were inside the womb they were safe. I have only heard that once and I do not know if true but this breeder has been breeding since the 70's . Hopefully some one experienced can verify or tell me that it is an old wives tale.

Are the pups healthy, has a vet checked them out for any abnormalities ? the mother may sense something wrong with them but normally she would just stop feeding them.

You will have to separate them from the mother and just let her feed and clean them and then take away or stay with her and don’t leave her alone with them.

As I said there are more experienced people on here that can give much better advice.

by SitasMom on 13 August 2017 - 17:08

I've been told this is related to genetics, as the pup of a dam that tends to eat their puppies also does the same thing.
If I had a dam who ate some of her perfectly healthy puppies, I would spay and adopt out.
Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 13 August 2017 - 18:08

I have had dams eat  one or two pups, and raise the rest just fine.

Many times there is something wrong with the pup that is eaten that you do not know about.

Did you see her eat a live pup?

Could the pup have died when you were not there and she kept the area clean.

They do sense more than we think as to the health of the pups.


by Hundmutter on 13 August 2017 - 19:08

It has also been known that some environmental factors can trigger this; are the pups too hot, or too cold ? Can the bitch hear or see activities going on outside that might bother her ?

by Jenni78 on 13 August 2017 - 22:08

A stressed bitch is more likely to do this. Also, yes, genetics. Was her dam a good mother or did humans have to babysit constantly? Very possible in a litter that size that there was something wrong with the pups or they did indeed die. Can you tell us more in terms of how she ate them? Did you see it? Did you wake up and they were gone?

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