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by MNicoleM on 19 June 2017 - 21:06

Any tips on how to introduce/ prepare for tracking? This fall we'll be training our youngest pup on tracking with an instructor. We'd like to prepare him as much as possible and would love to hear any tips you guys might have to get ahead in the game. We'd especially love any videos you guys could provide! TIA

by yogidog on 20 June 2017 - 06:06

Start on a sent pad 1meter square box . Stamped out with your feet . Scatter so food on the track . Don't feed you dog that day let him eat on the pad . While he is using his nose through a little food to keep him searching don't lrt him c u doing this sand close to your dog and encourage him . Do this till your dog can search for at lesst 10 min. Do this slow ad it is hard on the dog his temperature will rise . This is how to start

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