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by Macbird on 24 September 2004 - 17:09

VA3 Erasmus son for sale-showline male Terry vom Bergmannshof/WT21.10.2002 SZ/2120232, HDa-normal (a1) Vater: VA3 Erasmus van Noort Mutter: V Claudia vom Bergmannshof he is a nice blk/red male, large head and bone structure available, just like a superstar. PEDIGREE INFO:

by Wok on 25 September 2004 - 10:09

Terry looks like that of his sire. What a beautiful dog. Is he really the one on the pic? Looks like Erasmus when he was younger.

by Wok on 25 September 2004 - 10:09

Why are you selling such a wonderful dog? Has he won in a Landesgruppen show there? How much are you selling him?

by Macbird on 25 September 2004 - 13:09

The name of the male i'm selling is Terry vom Bergmannshof. The male is allways trained in protection work in my club. He is a very good looking male. He's also having a very good pedigree that can be used as a stud dog. Now i'm selling the dog because of I prefer to sell the dog to someone who can compete at a high level and make Terry go to be superstar when further within shows. Contact me with reply at any time. Thank-you, Good Day, Best Regards Martin

by skywalker on 25 September 2004 - 14:09

What kind of price tag are u puttting on this good looking dog.

by Macbird on 25 September 2004 - 14:09

For more info for Terry, Please sent mail to me. Thank-you, Martin

by Makosh on 26 September 2004 - 00:09

Please beware that that is a picture of Erasmus van Noort, and not Terry.

by Docc on 26 September 2004 - 09:09

How checks the photos before it gets posted to make sure they are the real thing.

by Laris on 26 September 2004 - 17:09

Could Macbird please clarify whose photo is it? Erasmus or Terry, perhaps Macbird has a very good reason that he posted a pic of Erasmus because Terry looks as an exact clone?

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