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by bcoats on 23 September 2004 - 16:09

I have a friend who purchased a beautiful male from Germany for show and stud. The male was expected to go VA in the USA. He was a fairly high V rated male in Germany. My friend just found out a day or two ago that the males mother was not breed surveyed (This pertinent information was not disclosed by the seller at time of purchase!). I think this is similar to what happened with Karat's Ulk in Karlsruhe, with his mom not being breed surveyed?. My friend would be interested to know how this situation would affect her male's breedings and stud service. From what she understands...the progeny from her male would not be affected since her male is SchH3 and breed surveyed as long as the female he was bred to was also breed surveyed. Basically would her male have value as a stud knowing these facts and if he came in high V would anyone choose to breed their females to him? Any feedback for my friend would be appreciated.

by sunshine on 23 September 2004 - 17:09

I am no expert, but as I understand it, Karat's Ulk's mother was breed surveyed but not by a German? SV judge and that is why at the German Siegershow he could not be brought into the VA class. In the Siegershow catalog, Ulk's mother has an asterix in front of her name which I have been told means that the dog has been breed surveyed. Sunshine

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