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Quest & Karen

Due 01 mar 2018

Parents: Maja's Kaleef's Conquest and Vom Herz Hundekinder Warrior at Peace

Posted by: Jenn, country: United States

Wellborn-Allemande Bitzy Litter

Due 02 mar 2018

Parents: Lacomtesse Bellamy and Itzy Bitzy Spider of Edan

Posted by: WAGSDS, country: United States

E. z Javorove zahrady

Due 20 mar 2018

Parents: Aik von der ofdener Schlucht and SG Majka z Klidkova dvora BH, IPO1

Posted by: zsedlo1, country: Czech Republic

dell'Alta Valle Aterno

Due 09 apr 2018

Parents: V Rex vom Weinbergblick IPO 3 and V Wendy del Lupo Nero IPO 1

Posted by: Alta Valle Aterno, country: Italy

Female puppy from Loujuan Guilty of Being White x Noblewood's Tribute

Due 15 apr 2018

Parents: Loujuan Guilty of Being White and CH (UKC) Noblewood's Tribute

Posted by: Di Da GSD Companions, country: United States

Monty Quasty Litter

Due 30 may 2018

Parents: Monty Gard Bohemia and Quasty v.d. Tempelhoeve

Posted by: JJ Shepherds, country: United States

Monty Nika Breeding

Due 31 may 2018

Parents: Monty Gard Bohemia and Nika Mavic Poland

Posted by: JJ Shepherds, country: United States

C-litter van Hooijdonk

Due 13 jun 2018

Parents: VP1 Canto Vom Uzyaq Need Breed Book and registration number and SG1 DANJA VON OESTLUND

Posted by: Mfundo, country: South Africa


Due 01 sep 2018

Parents: Dundee vom Richtersgraben IPO 1 and Darby Von Torr Hoff

Posted by: elenih, country: South Africa

Test litter h

Due 17 apr 2019

Parents: Nero Vom Mystical Haus BH AD CD and Evi von den Roten Vorbergen

Posted by: melba, country: United States

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