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 New Jersey Girl - pages | 2| ShelleyR8673158 years ago by Abby Normal >> (goto)
 Dog Dumped on Street CornerSunsilver476488 years ago by Shandra >> (goto)
 Atlanta GALadyFrost680868 years ago by marjorie >> (goto)
 Transport Help Needed from St Augustine, Fla to Holly Hill, South Carolinamarjorie276518 years ago by marjorie >> (goto)
  Marjorie- are you ok - pages | 2| kitkat34787786158 years ago by marjorie >> (goto)
 Urgent 1 yr old male in Lancaster CA High Kill shelter - MUST read - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| ShelleyR19003568 years ago by Bhaugh >> (goto)
 Rescued from Kill shelter male GSDTCCAdoptabledogs336418 years ago by TCCAdoptabledogs >> (goto)
 Sutter Buttes Working Dog Rescue ShelleyR564098 years ago by ShelleyR >> (goto)
 This kind of thing is what makes me angry at - pages | 2| Minette6725208.1 years ago by fawndallas >> (goto)
 Transport from TX / MS to Georgia / Carolinas / Philadelphia?fawndallas300548.1 years ago by fawndallas >> (goto)
 Need to Raise $$ for Momma Dog and Puppy Transport-See Rescue Forumfawndallas312968.1 years ago by fawndallas >> (goto)
 Need to Raise $$ for Momma Dog and Puppy Transportfawndallas295838.1 years ago by fawndallas >> (goto)
 Please Help.... Mom & Pups need to get from TX to GAfawndallas275018.1 years ago by fawndallas >> (goto)
 Older shepherd.....CABhaugh530818.1 years ago by Bhaugh >> (goto)
 Do these Spots make me look fat? - pages | 2| fawndallas6212118.1 years ago by fawndallas >> (goto)
 Meet Barli, at Devore Shelter in San Bernadino, CA URGENT TODAY - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| ShelleyR15234418.1 years ago by Bhaugh >> (goto)
 Some questions on my Fostersfawndallas423298.1 years ago by ShelleyR >> (goto)
 Fawnda is a foster mommie :) A Happy Tail (s) - pages | 2| marjorie4949188.1 years ago by fawndallas >> (goto)
 Craig List post....LadyFrost501918.1 years ago by LadyFrost >> (goto)
 PUPPY at Shelter in CA - pages | 2| Bhaugh7275148.1 years ago by Nans gsd >> (goto)


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