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Border Collie

Border Collie
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The History

Moss ISDS 5176 born on Apr 08, 1946
Moss ISDS 5176
Craig ISDS 1048 (J M Wilson) born on Jun 08, 1927
Craig ISDS 1048  (J M Wilson)

Sample photo gallery

Czech Shampionship BOC IPO3 2012 - Dog:CZCH. CLUB CH. Angelic Face Running Free

Czech Shampionship BOC IPO3 2012

obedienceobediencefetch 2 kgfetch fetchfetchdefensedefensedefensedefensedefensedefensedefensedefensedefensedefensedefensedefensedefense2.nd IPO3 2.nd IPO3


Organized Sports for Your Dog

Organized Sports for Your Dog

Training your dog is a fun activity for you and your dog! General training is a basic requirement for dog ownership, but more advanced training can be a fun endeavor.  If you haven’t ventured into the various activities available to you and your dog, you might not realize how many opportunities there truly are.  We’ll take a look at some of the most commonly available options.

  • The American Bulldog

    When one thinks of the bulldog, the image that first comes to mind is probably that of the English Bulldog, with its squat build, round head and distinctive “face that only a mother could love.” But there is another kind of beloved breed of bulldog: bigger and more athletic, and ruggedly handsome where the English Bulldog is charmingly ugly. This is the American Bulldog, a breed that almost literally came back from the dead to become widely popular as both a working dog and a family pet.

  • Choosing a Male or a Female Dog: What is the Difference

    You may have felt that choosing a breed was the biggest decision you had to make before getting a dog. But now that you have made that choice, you are now faced with a more basic decision: do you want a male dog, or a female?

Recently added pedigrees

Loucks's Gevirah

Loucks's Gevirah

Inserted:3 days ago
Female (2469114)
Father: No information about the Sire
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by laurapomboy
drew barryore tender flash

drew barryore tender flash

Inserted:6 days ago
Female (2467365)
Father: Kimy v.d Floretty Hof
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by ZINAIDA
Borderzone Brennan

Borderzone Brennan

Inserted:12 days ago
Female (2465496)


Inserted:2 weeks ago
Male (2462893)
Father: Twincedar's Pip
Mother: Astra Fly ABC 335660
Created by Richie23

Sample premiums

Up for stud VA Memphis vom Solebrunnen top Son
20:01 30 Jan 2016
United States
Bomber Vom Wolfsheim sch 3 Kkl 1 titled daughter I
17:42 25 Jan 2016
United States
JJ K9 Ranch Imported Working German Shepherd Pups
JJ K9 ranch
19:45 19 Jan 2016
United States
15:07 08 Jan 2016
United States
VA 9 BSZS 2015 Quoran d`Ulmental puppies are here!
01:15 07 Jan 2016
United States

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