Airedale Terrier

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Started gorgeous dark plush sable female puppy!
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Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier
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The History

Soudan Swiveller 150891 born on Mar 20, 1910
CH Soudan Swiveller 150891
Auld Reekle 164644 born on Aug 25, 1910
Auld Reekle 164644

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Organized Sports for Your Dog

Organized Sports for Your Dog

Training your dog is a fun activity for you and your dog! General training is a basic requirement for dog ownership, but more advanced training can be a fun endeavor.  If you haven’t ventured into the various activities available to you and your dog, you might not realize how many opportunities there truly are.  We’ll take a look at some of the most commonly available options.

  • Questions to Ask a Breeder

    If you have decided on a breed of dog, then probably you have already done a decent amount of research about that particular breed’s characteristics, history, temperament, appearance and potential health problems. Then again, maybe you have selected a breed based on childhood memories of another dog or because a

  • Getting a Second Dog – Pros and Cons

    Having a dog has been a fun and wonderful experience for everyone in your family. In fact, it has been so rewarding that you are now seriously thinking of getting a second dog. However, it is important that you really think this decision through, because having two dogs can be an entirely different experience from having one.

Recently added pedigrees

Coppercrest Cassiopeia

Am. Ch. Coppercrest Cassiopeia

Inserted:3 months ago
Female (2523242)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by GSD Ancestry
Santana Scintillating

Am. Ch. Santana Scintillating

Inserted:3 months ago
Female (2523239)
Waggery's High Country

Am. Ch. Waggery's High Country

Inserted:3 months ago
Male (2523238)
Waggery's Circe Of Tarawood

Am. Ch. Waggery's Circe Of Tarawood

Inserted:3 months ago
Female (2523237)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by GSD Ancestry
Brea’s Moon Maiden

Can. Ch. Brea’s Moon Maiden

Inserted:3 months ago
Female (2523230)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by GSD Ancestry

Sample premiums

Beautiful litter from the Karat's kennel / VA bloo
12:57 22 Sep 2016
United States
SUPER working line 8 weeks
j haynes
11:11 19 Sep 2016
United States
Protection 1 year old Male Son of Etreme Orex
03:55 23 Jun 2016
United States
Young import male from VA Mentos & V6 Pepe Vom Kuc
04:41 16 Sep 2016
United States
17:22 11 Sep 2016

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