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Litters with dates in the past

Sunnantorps Q

Due 20 apr 2021

Parents: Most Wanted od Semberije SEVCH, LD Startklass and Sunnantorps Nita Nightlight

Posted by: Sunnantorps, country: Sweden

A di Temaline

Due 20 apr 2021

Parents: NORD V-15 Sunnantorps Moonlander Man and Allegra Anelante di Temaline

Posted by: nicopacio, country: Italy

Dutch Highlands spring 2021 litter

Due 26 mar 2021

Parents: Joulumaan Kuunkajo and Really Special Edition of the Dutch Highlands

Posted by: dutchhighlands, country: Belgium


Due 22 jan 2021

Parents: Pocker Face Biala Wiedzma and SE CH Erövrarens Discovered Diamond KORAD BH

Posted by: Ninnifix, country: Sweden


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