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by duke1965 on 24 May 2023 - 04:05

inebreeding works, but there are few things to think about that most dont,

first of all, doubling up names on paper is not what linebreeding is, if i want to truly linebreed, I would have to select children of the dog i want to linebreed on, that carry the genetic caracteristics and/or qualities of the parent I want to linebreed on to begin with, from there every step of the process depends on the qualities passed on to the next generation, and the qualities of the mating partners chosen, to simplify, if i want to linebreed on black dog as a quality, i wont select offspring for breeding that is not black( i know colours reproduce more complicated than that, but its example)

secondly, most of todays linebreedings on paper are by accident, with stupid idea of outcrossing is better, and more stupid idea of breeding everything in heat to a famous male, the situation has ocurred that it is almost impossible not to double up names in a pedigree to a certain level

by txarkoeta on 28 May 2023 - 12:05

Has anyone met Yucca? Do you know what kind of female it was? High prey, high aggression...?


by alexnds05 on 13 June 2023 - 10:06

The line breeding I saw was 3-3, which is not inbreeding, but line breeding. This is a breeding of half first cousins. This means 3 generations back in time (a grandfather) is the same on both the male and female side of the pedigree. You have to understand that if it is done only once, it is not a significant enough influence to see the characteristics of this dog in the grandkids.  In other words, the inbreeding coefficients are as follows:

2-2 Half siblings, which is inbreeding, and it has a COI=12.5%

1-3 or 3-1  (Grandfather to grand-daugther, or grandson to grandmother), which is inbreeding and it has a COI=12.5%

2-3 or 3-2 which is Uncle to Niece or Nephew to Aunt. The inbreeding coefficient is 9.63% (Line breeding).

3-3  First cousins, or common grandsire to both cousins. The COI=6.25%.  Line breeding
4-4 Second Cousins, or common great-great grandfather. The COI=3.125%  Line Beeding
5-5  Third cousins, or common great-great-great grandfather, the COI=1.56%  Line breeding.

In some cases, you will see a pedigree where the ancestor in the past appears several times, such as
4-4, 4-4.  That means .5^4+(1/2)^4+(1/2)^4+(1/2)^4  , so therefore, a 4-4,4-4 is mathematically same coefficient of relationship as a 3-3, which is (1/2)^3+(1/2)^3.  In other words the effect of homogenous genes is cumulative, even if the ancestor is 4 generations back in time, the effect is diminished by being back further in time, but by doing this 4 times in a row, he is 4 out of 8 possible great-grandparents, so the effect is therefore increased.  

I wouldn't worry too much about a 3-3, because first cousins is not too close in dogs, unless you see the same dog again repeatedly, for example, 5,3-3,4.  Here the effect is much stronger. 

by txarkoeta on 13 June 2023 - 14:06

But I already know how to interpret that. I wanted to know what Yucca was like and if that 3-3 could transmit something to the puppies

by GSCat on 16 June 2023 - 02:06

Yes, 3-3 could transmit some characteristics or some tendencies to the puppies.
What, if any, characteristics and tendencies, may vary in both type and strength among the puppies in the litter. These characteristics and tendencies might be enhanced or strengthened by other DNA in the pedigree, or might be dampened or offset by other DNA in the pedigree.

@Duke1965 explained this really well using a simple/general example, above.

Sorry, I don't know Yucca. However, the breeder that has her on his/her the website might be willing to talk to you and give some insight about both Yucca and other dogs on your dog's pedigree. Maybe some insight as to the intended purposes and success/failures of various breedings in your dog's pedigree.

There's video of Yucca on UTube.

by ramgsd on 20 June 2023 - 12:06

If you want information on Yucca from here in the USA you would need to contact Stefan Schaub of Staatsmacht kennels. He owned her and used here for her last 2 litters. He's the only one who could give you any actual insight on her.


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