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Fantom76 (admin)

by Fantom76 on 26 March 2022 - 23:03

i definitely agree about not using the sire/dam kennel name, especially from foreign dogs. In most European countries, definitely Germany, you are not allowed to use another persons kennel name.
Recently I have seen several AKC dogs using the foreign sire and dam combined kennel names from famous kennels. This is definitely "Verboten" in many countries. Its better to make up your own kennel name.

by GSDHeritage on 27 March 2022 - 10:03

It does get very confusing for members when looking for a German bred dog believing the dog is of German breeding but they are not.


by bea on 28 March 2022 - 05:03

In Europe, the kennel name belongs to the breeder, regardless who the mother and father is. Breeders usually keep females from their own breeding and continue breeding with them, that is why the mother often has the same kennel name as the puppies. But if I buy a female pup from a certain line and start my own breeding program, the puppies will have my kennel name, it has to be certified by the SV that it is unique and not present in any other breeding program. Because in Germany breeders are not allowed more than 10 litters a year so family members often register a similiar kennel name, for example Huehnegrab and Team Huehnegrab so more litters can be registered.

by Diamondgal on 28 March 2022 - 21:03

Basically, the von/vom means representation.

Just like if you were introducing yourself as a rep of a company. You would say, "of Microsoft" or "from Microsoft" in your introduction.

Typically, you'll see American born, but of German lines (typically an import) and until a breeder has established the bloodline of their own, they'll have to use the breeder whom they purchased the dogs from.


by Rik on 29 March 2022 - 01:03

if you are in the U.S. (or Canada) use either one with your own kennel name.

no one here (NA) really knows the difference or really cares.

didn't really read al this, but using someone else's kennel name (without their permission) is a big "no no".



by Hundmutter on 29 March 2022 - 11:03

Agree with Heritage, it does get confusing looking at US pedigrees where people have simply adopted the name of  [ often some famous] German kennel on their stock. Okay if you import a German-born dog and Register it with AKC; the name it was originally registered by in Germany IS that individual dog's name. At least unless & until you change it. But that does not mean you should then call all the pups it eventually produces with the same German kennel name. Or name other, unrelated, Ambred etc dogs after such a foreign kennel. That smacks of cashing in on the original breeder's reputation. It's also a practise which can make pedigree reseach a nightmare sometimes !  Those reasons, and AKC's different convention of allowing buyers to choose & register their dogs' names, are why it does not happen in Europe. It certainly does not here, as the UK KC  system is that it is the breeder who chooses names & registers each litter. New owners simply Transfer, they do not name or re-name (except sometimes to ADD ON their own kennel).  We have our share of made-up Germanic sounding kennel-names here, but one that was a direct attempt to copy another existing kennel's name would usually be spotted and refused. I'm hoping problems with the KC's new IT system will not lead to more of them slipping through ...


If such dogs get entered in Shows, the misleading names would soon be shown up. But there's nothing to stop this practise quietly adding to the web of deliberate obfuscation & confusion that is the strictly 'pet' market, unfortunately. The saving grace being that at least greeders working that flanker would have to apply for and buy it as a registered Kennel Name under their own address, and register all subsequent litters using it, not just put out dogs under multiple kennel names.

Fantom76 (admin)

by Fantom76 on 29 April 2022 - 19:04

There seems to be a horrible (to me) new trend of USA members naming their dogs using other kennels names. It goes something like this.
Dog's name
Sires kennel name - Dams kennel name - Members kennel name.
As you can see the new kennel name is a hyphenated version of already established kennel names.
Maybe I am being overly sensitive, but this bothers me.

Just thought I would vent as I am being inundated with pedigrees with missing dog information from Russia, Ukraine, Poland...etc, I wonder if people are trying to safeguard their dogs pedigree information.

by GSCat on 29 April 2022 - 23:04

How in the world can they even think this is right? It's like trademark infringement.
And, if one kennel ended up with a bad reputation, regardless of which one, it would sully the reputations of the other two, so also like defamation of character.

Sounds like lawsuits waiting to happen.

On a practical note, registries limit the number of characters in a dog's name (AKC is 50, including spaces and punctuation marks). Some kennel names are pretty long. If I had the kennel names of both of my dog's parents on my dog's name, her registered name would be 45 characters long. Nope. Her name reflects the kennel that whelped her. If she were to have puppies, those puppies' names would reflect my kennel's name only. Keeping a copy of the pedigree all the way back to however far back is important if one is concerned about losing traceability/tracking heritage.

I think if someone is worried about pedigree info that he or she should take the time to enter not only his or her dog, but parent(s), etc. that are missing from PDB. Information is on the papers. If it's a dire emergency, as in having to evacuate, perhaps the person should contact PDB with an explanation so something could be worked out, even if only temporarily. If in the US, there isn't that urgent emergency.

The other possibility is someone is taking advantage of the situation in that part of the world and misrepresenting puppies/dogs. I truly hope this isn't the case.


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