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by Koots on 21 August 2021 - 22:08

Duke - I would be curious to know what breeders you look at when wanting to purchase a dog for YOUR breeding program. And don't be worried about not making friends, as this request is because I'd like to know what YOU look at, since YOUR criteria may be vastly different from many others' on here. Please share your top picks, thanks.

by duke1965 on 22 August 2021 - 03:08

Koots, its allways depending on what you look for when you say " best " and today its way different than 15 or 20 years ago, as then a good dog could be sportdog, policedog and PP dog all together

nowadays, an ideal sportdog prospect is not per se suitable for police or PP or even petdog, 

furthermore we can ask ourselves if every famous dog is really a good dog in itself, and for breeding, if we look at dogs like Eros mohnwiese for example, great champion as in results/points, greatly trained by Ronny who is aesome trainer, but how many great dogs pedigree you can find him in, 

furthermore it is important who a puppy ends up with, and some breeders give young dogs for free to top trainers or even pay them money to train and trail one of their breedingproducts

there are several kennels that produced multiple good dogs over time that never got famous, geefacker, seven bridges road in holland, haus silma,  to name some

now if you ask me what kennel I would go to if i would buy a pup for me, that is not easy to answer as that would depend on individual combination that is bred, and there are no kennels that I know of that consistantly breed for and produce what i am looking for both personally and professionally

I was reading an article recently from a USA police dog person(forgot the name) that stated that they expect NOT to get any more good policedog prospects from europe in about 5 to ten years , and my first reaction was, no way, but when im testing dogs, seeing competition and see what is bred and talk to other vendors like me, I think this guy may have a point


by txarkoeta on 22 August 2021 - 05:08

This dog is very serious, his puppies are usually very serious, they can be sporty but with less motor

Aik von der Ofdener Schlucht




by txarkoeta on 22 August 2021 - 05:08

Eqidius and many other kennels are inbreeding with Ellute vom Mohnwiese

Eqidius right now breeds West German sporting dogs with a little of his lines

by duke1965 on 22 August 2021 - 12:08

txar, as for aik, it might depend a bit on what females he breeds

as for linebreeding on Ellute, dont think that is a plan by itself, but many good dogs came from Ellute, so at certain point you will double up anyway 

delta von Avalik

by delta von Avalik on 22 August 2021 - 18:08

It's unfortunate that many modern day GSD has more of a retriever type temperament, suitable for sport yes but I wouldn't depend on some of these dogs to protect me from a real threat. I've seen a good number of dogs recently that could just be stolen by a stranger from their own home, makes me really miss my old Czech and Slovak dogs... People (at least in the US) are quick to label a dog with good aggression and good defensive drives as nervy, so many breeders are switching to excess prey instead.
Duke, I'm curious which studs do you favor right now?

by ValK on 23 August 2021 - 00:08

that's good question delta von Avalik. i'm curious too, even not about particular dog but overall type which could be called "dream dog" :)

in regard of header of this topic - i was thinking about and honestly i can't name any private breeder who's breeding dogs exclusively for work.
i just comparing the breeding approach i've been familiar in the past where dogs by genotype and phenotype been bred for narrow working purpose (and must to stress very successful) to what can be seen today in commercial breeding. the difference not just big but huge.
i guess today hardly can be found GS dog suitable for ANY kind of work in the ratio less than 1 to 100. and even that one is not result by selection but rather incidental popping up some good gene from decades back ancestor.

by txarkoeta on 23 August 2021 - 03:08

Duke, obviously depending on which female you cross ... is different, but I have spoken with four people who have Aik dogs with different females and they agree on the same thing. From Ellute it is because he gave very good dogs, but Eqidius does it and Ellute was a dog of sports lines

by duke1965 on 23 August 2021 - 06:08

LOL Ellute was never famous for points , he made his name trough his offspring


by Hundmutter on 23 August 2021 - 07:08

Discussing what one ( or two ) individual dogs have contributed is hardly a discussion of the 'best' breeder ...


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