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by Rik on 13 September 2021 - 01:09

hey, Alla Zorikova/Wanda, Vanda, Sveta, Olivia, Von Schutz Kennels and Von Markgraf Kennels

whoever the fuc# you are.

waiting on your response.



by Rik on 13 September 2021 - 02:09

ok. Alla Zorikova/Wanda, Vanda, Sveta, Olivia, Von Schutz Kennels and Von Markgraf Kennels ,

you can contact your lawyers, file suits, I don't give a ratrsazz.

if you are the person that B. Pease says you are, then come on.


mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 13 September 2021 - 04:09

Rik, she can't reply here so you won't get a response.

by Gwyny P on 13 September 2021 - 23:09

Update to the thread =

Thanks to the input here, Lucka's owner, Nathalie responded to my email outreach.
She confirms a mating that would have produced puppies whelped end of October.

I mentioned breeder is not giving us our paperwork and she has not responded.

Meanwhile Alla continues to refuse sending our paperwork.

As of Monday morning 9.13.2021, Alla now threatens to sue me if I do not remove my negative public reviews.

I suggested she give me a reason to change my opinion regarding my interaction with her and her business; honor our business contract.

Told her only she could rewind the movie and save herself from continued negative public exposure.

Alla responded with an email address for an unknown participant in all of this (same one for the 4th or 5th time)

All she has to do is send us the papers.

Everyday these honest and negative reviews sit out there is another day of negative exposure for new people seeing the reviews.

Why would anyone subject themselves to that when the remedy is clear and simple and within reach ?


by Hundmutter on 14 September 2021 - 02:09

Possibly because there is something shonky about the litter Registration, so she cannot actually provide papers she hasn't got ?

by Gwyny P on 14 September 2021 - 09:09

Hard to tell.

Lucka's owner, Nathalie says the paperwork was complete and sent to Alla in early August.

Some people just like to fight and make things difficult.

It would be in her best interest to give me a reason to alter my review so the One Star doesn't stay up any longer than it has to.

Not a very prudent business move methinks.

by Gwyny P on 18 September 2021 - 16:09

Just another update = Alla Zorikova has a new name to add to her multiple kennel businesses.

Now = "Los Angeles German Shepherd puppies"  . . . .'puppies' not capitalized.!AkF3_8SRxqi-hPMQ5xXagAXyX3BzfQ?e=OOXbWm

This is the exact home and address where I picked up our puppy in December.

by Gwyny P on 01 October 2021 - 11:10

A friend mentioned an interesting possibility . . .

What if this GSD breeder actually PAID for stud service from Lucka Von Buchenland and her dam whelped puppies sired by him as confirmed by Nathalie.

What if this same GSD breeder has access to many more dogs (dams + sires.)
Some of which are producing puppies around the same time.

We know this to be true as the "80 dogs in Barstow" were admittedly hers.
It is why she went about searching for them from the rescuers and claiming they were her bite dog business stock.

The twist is that in advertising puppies sired by Lucka, she would attract a large number of buyers and particularly around Christmas.

However, there would only be a limited number of puppies she could legally register or claim were in the litter since GSD's typically don't have more than 7-9 at the most and particularly if the pair of dogs does not live together and mate repeatedly throughout the dam's receptive cycle.

What if this breeder advertised these TOP DOGS sired by Lucka AND actually had MORE than one littler of puppies to potentially pass off as Lucka's ?

Since Breeder can obviously only register a normal litter size . . . that leaves a batch of other puppy owners with no space in the registration line with Lucka as the sire.

It would fully explain why she would start a fight out of nowhere laced with the commentary = "you are not getting papers."

Hypothetically, if she had 20 puppies, she can only register a normal litter size without attracting bad attention.

The rest of us got thrown off the bus.

In hindsight, it seemed odd that she would not let us see the puppies at all before the pickup.

She said because of COVID, yet when I went to give the deposit, I was invited into the house and no one was masked.

She said she was in New York or "out of town" throughout our chats and no one could show us the puppies without her present.

She certainly cannot have a batch of barking babies at her Hollywood Hills home.
They had to be stored elsewhere.

She changed the pickup date 4 times and insisted on a 5pm pick up.
That would have given her plenty of time to get to Barstow and back.

In hindsight, the 2 pups she showed us were completely different in size, shape, build, color, coat and developmental stage as if they were not the same age or had different parents.

As time unfolds, there are more people claiming they cannot get papers from her in the same time period as me.

This would be a SCAM in itself and an entirely FRAUDULENT business practice.

by Gwyny P on 04 October 2021 - 20:10

New development = 10.4.2021

As requested, I am posing updates.
After 3 peaceful weeks with no contact from this Alla Zorikova person, I received several texts today.

Firstly, informing me she has copied all our communication and it will be subpoenaed in court.

Zorikova has now posted a zero star review against my own landscape business on YELP.

We have not done business together in my arena and of course the review will be removed by YELP as it goes against their rules for posting.

She did text today to say she could do a bad review of my business.
Turns out she went ahead and did it.

She posted her review as Reno G.
Her own site has a Reno Goldberg person who posted a nice review a year ago.

Additionally, she plans to call animal control to report to them I am not providing veterinarian care for our pup; claiming they will remove the dog from our home.

Wait til they see all my Dr. visit receipts with doggy's name at the top.

And, after her opening about communication back ups, ". . . . and NEVER get docs on puppy that you didn't deserve . . . furthermore, I am sending to AKC request to modify litter of your puppy shortly. Your puppy will be excluded and NO registration documents will exist . . . "

She continues to come back time and time again after weeks of silence.

Yes, I can block her.

However I have been advised to allow her to continue her tirade so it can be documented to the extent it is disturbing, continual and un-provoked by me.

by GSCat on 04 October 2021 - 23:10

The following is NOT legal advice.


You might need to contact a lawyer because this whole situation is escalating.

You probably need to contact local law enforcement because you now fear for your personal safety and the security of your property. They may or may not be able to do anything other than write an informational report, but documentation is important. Don't let them talk you out of it. At the very least, keep note of the date and time you called 911, the name of the person you talked to on the phone, and the names and DSN numbers of the officer(s) responding, and date(s)/time(s). You might/probably also need to contact a lawyer for legal advice about other legal recourse(s) you have (including OOP-see below).

A few suggestions for where to get some help (NOT legal advice)

Registration paperwork- State of California, either Secretary of State business licensing, Agriculture Dept, or Attorney General Frauds

Registration paperwork-AKC

Threats-your local Sheriff or County Court Clerk for an Order of Protection (OOP). You might need a police report (see above about calling local police). The respondent (the other person) will get summoned to court for the hearing. It could get really ugly in and out of court, so make sure you have your paperwork, photos, texts, etc. in order and with you. The person (Clerk or Court or Sheriff's Office) issuing the initial/temporary/ex parte Order of Protection can tell you what you need to bring to court, etc. Be prepared to have an OOP filed against you after you file against the other person. There can be legal consequences for being a named respondent in an OOP. Check with the Clerk of Court or Sheriff's Office. If you get served with an OOP, ex parte, Cease and Desist, or any other papers, etc., contact your lawyer IMMEDIATELY. You might/probably want your lawyer with you during the OOP hearing.

Bad review of your business-contact the website owner for assistance and advice. They may say write a rebuttal or answer the review, or they might pull the other person's review. Having an OOP may be helpful for this.

Bad review of your business-maybe contact BBB and/or State of California Secretary of State Business licensing for assistance.

Bad review of your business-ultimately you may have to decide whether spending $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for legal is worth it or not.

NOT legal advice.


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