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by rakeshausky on 20 April 2021 - 19:04

I actually own a female that her mother is a full sibling to Prague z Kurimskeho haje. I love my female. She's very stable, good amount of prey drive (not over the top), good hunt drive, over the top food drive. Haven't had a chance to do much training with her, yet but the genetics are definitely there. Would you mind sending me a pm on who the breeder was that you got your dog from?


by alexnds05 on 20 April 2021 - 20:04

This looks like a very nice puppy. The key to understanding this pedigree is the following dog:

2x VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag

If you look at the pedigree, he is 3,5 on father's side and 4,5 on mother's side. What does that mean. 3 Means he is a grandfather to this puppy, meaning 3 generations back in time. And a 4 means he's a great grandfather, or 4 generations back, and a 5 means, he's a great great grandfather, or 5 generations back in time. So for example, let's say a dog is shown as 4-4. That means same ancestor is 4 generations back on male's side and female side. If the dog is 3-4, that means, the dog is a grandfather of the sire, but a great grandfather of the dam. Now, as you go further in time, the genetic influence decreases for each generation you go back into the past. So for instance, a dog that has a 5-5 breeding has much genetic influence than a dog with a 3-3 breeding.

However, what happens if the numbers are combined? For example, let's say the dog is written as 3,5-5. The first combo, (3,5) means this dog is the grandfather and the great-great grandfather at the same time. The second number, on the right hand side, means he is the great grandfather of the female as well. So if a dog is 3,5 and 4,5, that means that dog is the grandfather, the great grandfather, of the sire, and great grandfather and great great grandfather of the mother dog. So essentially, he is grandfather, great grandfather and great-great grandfather on both sides. That means his genetic "type" is being invoked to create consistency of the litter. Because the number of generations is 4 and 5 generations back in time, the coefficient of inbreeding is very low. By the same token, the fact that he is repeated a few times on male and female side, means his influence is stronger than if he was merely repeated one time as say for instance, a 5-5. So this creates a great deal of consistency in the pups, without the genetic flaws from breeding too close.

Enjoy your puppy. She is very cute and looks like good structure. I hope my explanation is beneficial.

by AMW on 26 April 2021 - 10:04

Thank you everyone for your input! It’s been very informative and helpful


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