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by ajfloyd88 on 15 December 2020 - 11:12

Based on what you are asking for you may need to look into an older puppy 6 months to 9 months. Getting an 8 week old puppy you never know how they will turn out regardless of the breeding or Breeder.

People make the mistake of believing that dogs aren't sentient beings. Because they are sentient beings they all develop their own personalities and way that they view the world.

Yes dog's have drives and trainers use those drives to get a desired result. Understand that this can be done with humans as well, and you know how messed up human beings can be. SO a dog can be messed up as well. Doesn't take much to mess up a dog a rambunctious toddler. a bad correction while the pup is to young. Stupid neighbor. Family member that's visiting and slapping your dog on the nose when you aren't looking yelling no bite. LOL the list goes on and on.

SO yes you are asking a lot of a puppy. there are great breeders in Europe and the U.S. so you should be able to find a puppy with the temperament you desire. but understand these are genetically working dogs you have no clue what traits will come out and when.

Good Day and Good Luck


by Rik on 04 January 2021 - 16:01

just want to say kudos to Jenni78.

I've been here a quite a few years and no one has ever supplied this much info.

as far as Capri, you have no idea how badly I wanted a pup, life just sometimes does not allow.

best to you and yours,


by Jenni78 on 04 January 2021 - 19:01

Aw, Rik...thank you. You have no idea how she is missed. There will never be another 'Pri, though I admit to a degree of satisfaction with what I have produced from her, considering she was the first dog I ever bred. To have the experience I have now, and get her again as a 2yr old would be a dream. She was too good for me to have as a first female- I didn't have the clout to get her the breedings she deserved, and I should have bred her more than I did- hindsight!

I am immensely enjoying seeing her crop up in her grandpups and great grandpups, though. My son is raising a great-granddaughter by V Drago Uranium Zwinger (the dog from Marcin Pisarek, sired by Quando vom haus van Hipp, owned by Manfred Teuber, von Prevent Kennel). I'll attach a pic if I can figure it out, lol. It's a lot of fun to see behaviors or physical traits very young and recognize them as coming from her. Starting to linebreed on her- fingers crossed;)


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