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by duke1965 on 25 October 2020 - 15:10

thatwasclose, just amazed as of what people pay for dogs and shipping, I see more and more people passing by vendors, and buy direct, trough facebook, working dog and so on, and see people paying 2500 shipping for a 900 euro trip, i see dogs I test and reject for being shitbags, being sold unseen for crazy prices, the world is getting crazyer every day

by ThatWasClose on 25 October 2020 - 15:10

Okay, thank you Duke. :)


I know I have learned a LOT about (PPD)  pricing since I showed up here on PDB, due to folks being willing to share their knowledge.


Again, thanks - everyone.


by Rik on 25 October 2020 - 19:10

and that is why many here recommend brokers to get what one wants in a dog.

I would suspect that a high percentage of dogs that wash out for LE/Mil would be very good for what many people are looking for in a companion or even starting a serious program. way ahead what they are buying from pretty ads with no contacts.

imo, a broker fee paid to a reputable broker is not only well spent, it's money saved.

cause what do I know,


by jillmissal on 26 October 2020 - 10:10

jill, I think everyone who chooses a dog venue, whatever, has to go through a learning process, unless they were born into it.

I certainly did. it was very time consuming and costly.

Agree with that as well and I'm no exception. 


FWIW, I don't think I'd buy through a "vendor" because all of these same issues apply. Lots of vendors don't have a clue either, just have slick marketing.  Sometimes you just have to educate yourself as much as you can and then take your chances rather than take some third party's word for it. 


Edited to add to the last paragraph: Not to mention only I know for sure what I'm looking for in a dog. Vendors look for what they look for, which might not match my own goals. 


by Koots on 26 October 2020 - 11:10

Jill - there is one vendor who I would recommend and buy from myself, especially if I wanted a young green dog. If one is specific enough in their description of what they want, and communicates that clearly, then a vendor should be able to match up a dog, provided that vendor has the experience and ability to assess many dogs to find 'the one'. Duke1965 is the guy that I would go to if I was to import a young green dog from overseas.

by joanro on 26 October 2020 - 12:10

Dam, koots, every post you promote Duke, lol. How much is he paying you to be his promoter?
Only thing he is going to sell to non- police or non- military to, are dogs that fail miserably. If a dog is not good enough for him, I sure don't want it.

by duke1965 on 26 October 2020 - 13:10

jillmissal, by buying direct, you limit yourself to the one and only dog the seller has available and wants to get rid of for whatever reason, but everybody has their own plan that makes them feel comfortable, and im fine with that LOL

by duke1965 on 26 October 2020 - 13:10

Joan, if a dog fails a test, it wont end up in my kennel,so if its not good enough I will not recommend it to anybody, however there are many dogs I tested and rejected that were sold to clients in USA by owner unseen, for silly prices and crazy shippingprices on top of that 

and most dogs that pass for LE are non pedigree dogs anyway,

by joanro on 26 October 2020 - 13:10

Op, find a broker who goes out and collects rejects from multiple kennels and peddles them on line, that way you have a choice of more than one dog breeders wanted to get rid of. s/

by duke1965 on 26 October 2020 - 13:10

Joan, in todays world, kennels dont sell rejects to brokers anymore, they put them on PDB, working dog and facebook themselves LOL


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