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German Shepherd DogPyke Prevert9.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogSire of my new pup...Bo von der Staatsmacht10.2 years ago
MainNews!!!!!!10.3 years ago
German Shepherd DogLary von der Staatsmacht10.5 years ago
German Shepherd DogWould you like to have a puppy out of this female????Zwinger schwarze Seeperle!!10.5 years ago
MainSUPER dog any ideas on who it is please??11.1 years ago
MainFCI Champion!!!11.6 years ago
MainJak Wolfsblick wins the FCI Qualification trial11.7 years ago
MainEx von Arline11.7 years ago
MainReivision 2008 BSP video contact in US11.9 years ago
MainJohn vom Talka Marda12.1 years ago
MainBandit vom Oberhausner-Kreuz--just curious--is he still living?12.1 years ago
Maintyson schiffslache12.1 years ago
MainUwe Sarpe 12.1 years ago
MainUwe Sarpe "SchloƟ Buldern"12.1 years ago
MainLothar Krausen,Kennel vom Brigar,Germany12.3 years ago
MainLothar Krausen,Kennel vom Brigar,Germany12.3 years ago
MainLooking for info on Bego vom Brigar12.4 years ago
MainBill Kulla again12.5 years ago
MainThis is how you sell!12.8 years ago
MainAnyone know the web site and or e-mail of owners of VA 1 Zamp von Thermodos ?13.1 years ago
MainLooking for Owner13.1 years ago
MainBe aware!!13.1 years ago
Mainbest producer in working lines today13.1 years ago
MainUno vom Stadtfeld13.1 years ago


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