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German Shepherd DogAdler See BaroloThis is the golden child... What a male puppy and what a litter. This adler see b-litter is stunning top males, that we all should look out for in the future - maybe the best zamp litter I have seen. May I wish all their competition the best of luck - I am sure they will need it! ....10.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA9 2X VA1(CN) Furbo degli Achei (2006) SCHH3, IPO2FURBO IS A TRUE STAR - lots of superb progeny. ....10.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA2 Egga vom Osterberger-Land SCHH3Love this Egga Osterberger-land, hope to see some great progeny after her. ....10.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogAthen de Domus DidacusA fabulous Furbo daughter - lots of promise. ....10.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA2 Jango vom Fürstenberg SCHH3A great producer and in many important dogs pedigree today. Must never be forgotten. ....10.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Palme vom Wildsteiger Land SCHH2On my walk down memory lane, Palme cannot be ignored. She was a great producing female. ....10.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG1 Filou von der Freiheit WesterholtSuperb litter - all the puppies I have seen from this litter are top puppies. Congratulations to a very successful breeder. ....10.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG 1 - ED: NORMAL Dana vom Emkendorfer-ParkFabulous female - this is a stunning shicco daughter. ....10.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Lyager's CastroI saw him today at a show - he is a fantastic male. I hope to see him in the showring soon - today I bet he would had won his class. ....10.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA1(ESP) Rocko de Quevedo SCHH3A male that lives on in many current showstars and great producers pedigree. ....10.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogHilten v Haus LicherGoodlooking Vanos son, I also like his brothers very much. ....10.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogUska delle ValcuviaBeautiful Furbo daughter - stands in her fathers image. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogV(LGZS), (SG 17 BSZS JKL 2009) Lyager's Baden-Baden SCHH1Saw her make SG2 this weekend, a fabulous female who moves with excellence in the showring. Congratulations to the breeder and owner of this beautiful Kwantum daughter. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Joker vom Eichenplatz SCHH3Congratulation on making V2 for R. Meyer this weekend, I really like this male - he has a lot of charisma in the showring. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogV, (SG9 BSZS JKH 2005) Paula vom Kuckucksland SCHH2Stunning, amazing, beautiful - a all in one female, loved her this summer in Ulm. Very good bitewook too. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Full Degli Achei IPO1This litter with: FURBO, FLORO, FENIK and now also FULL is simply breathtaking - what a litter - Fenia has certainly proved her value as a top breeding female. And also we must not forget CHANEL, the beautiful Zamp daughter. He is very goodlooking this Full, is he also in Italy like Furbo? ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogV, (BSZS SG 18 2009) Furbo von der kleinen Ranch SCHH 3This Furbo son just keeps on getting better and better - he is quite stunning I must say. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG1 JHKLH (BSZS '09) Heike vom Osterberger-Land SCHH3Congratulations on making V1 this weekend, she looking amazing in the showring, I believe she will make VA this summer. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogV8 X SIEGER Nilo aus Wattenscheid SCHH 3I have seen Nilo in reality not so long ago and he is a truly great male. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Ypsilon vom Lärchenhain SCHH3He won again this weekend, I think he just gets better and better. Congratulations to owner/breeder. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogV56 (BSZS 2010) SG1 Lyager's Yanka SCHH2Great Ober daughter - Zwinger Lyager you have done it again. Congratulations on your breeding. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA2 (DK) Kratmosens Blake SCHH1Is this dog for real - great picture of a great brother to one of my favourites in the youth class males in Ulm this summer; a superb Zamp son - BARONI. The female progeny after Blake looks very good too, I have heard that he is for stud in Denmark, maybe I will come and mate one of my females with him here in April, Baroni cannot mate until May I know. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogV13 BSZS 2011 Cristall della Valle del Liri SchH2Superb female - saw her in Ulm, she is fantastic. Congratulations ....11.3 years ago
Absolutely stunning this young female - another great progeny after Tyson. ....11.3 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG1 BSZS JKL.-HGH Filu von der Glockenheide SCHH1Goodlooking Yukon son. ....11.3 years ago


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