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by Chipom on 02 February 2009 - 04:02

We had one of our pomeranians stolen last night.. and also a funny feeling about a lady that I had sold poms to before and was not happy with her not following the contracts that she signed.  She wanted another two dogs from us and I told her no, that she has not honored the two contracts on the first two she bought and were no longer with her.,  She also stated that her aunt, then her Mom had the dogs.. conflicting stories.  I told her no saturday morning and that night my dog was gone.  Reported it to the police and they even said to go to her home,, We did and she let us in and I saw 5-6 crates around her living room at least if not more.  I started carfefully looking to see if I could see what was in them and found my dog at the bottom crate.  I walked over took in the first crates I saw very carefully,, and there was my dog  ... I took her and out and said you sole my dog!  She said it was her dog, her Mom had found it. 

 She told the police that some Linda lady brought it to her and that lady just happened to move to Kentucky this morning,  She called us back later to tell us she filed charges against an unlawful entry saying I broke her door.  Which was not true,  I called sanilac county and they did not come out to answer my call of her having my dog.  They told me to go home. I did tell them that I had my dog, and wanted to press charges.  They did however go right out there to take her complaint against me.  I told both Sanilac and Tuscola State police and county of the other dogs there.  I belive this lady is running a dog ring and is involved with others.  She is also very good friends with the Huron County Humane society person.  Makes you wonder about that one!  She had two dogs in a large crate outside by her back door, one looked to be a bermese Mountain dog or simliar and the pup looked to be a black and white staffordshire bull terrier.  Inside the house I did not see what was in the crates.  When I saw my own dog, I went to the crate opened it up and took her out.  I proceeded to yell at her for stealing my dog,, and walked out the door.  This lady is crazy, she will threaten you, lie to you,, she is a dog collecter, sick and demented.  She claims to be an animal behaviorists and has friends like this Huron county person,,etc.  She also owes people money for past dogs she has bought and has out buildings with many dogs in from the sounds of it.  Does she have a kennel liscense?  Does she have all her dogs vaccines,,etc,, and proof of ownership?  Other people have told me to call the Sanilac county animal shelter, or the Sanilac county humane society, I do not know if they will do anything or not.  She could have the dogs gone by the time they check her out.  After reading things on line about
Lisa Gorczyca from Decker Road, Marlette, I cannot believe she has not been stopped by now.  She claims to know it all, but buys, steals and collects dogs! 
Be very careful of this lady, she will burn you but good, do not sell her any of your dogs. 

by Dire on 06 August 2009 - 23:08

You should of called every animal welfare place you could find in the area!  There are many dogs stolen all over the country by people like this.  They need to be stopped.  This is another good reason to have your dogs microchipped in the end let them explain how your microchipped dog got in a crate in their home along with all the others.  Not enough is done in some of these situations and it is the animals that suffer in the end.


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