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Possible parvo exposure6.9 years agoPomeranian

The History

Enjay's Puppet On A String born on Jan 14, 1971
CH Enjay's Puppet On A String
Model's Truly-A-Diamond born on Jun 04, 1974
AM/CAN CH Model's Truly-A-Diamond

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NatsPoms Endrina
Vidal de Djerambar
Cheyennes Spirit In The Sky
Her Majesty'S O No You Didunt
Kissami'S Love Child For Her Majesty
Spirit In The Sky
Faith Dee Fanchaly Of Lenette
CNR's Fat Wiggly Fish
Twin Pines Chico
Valcopy Wakhan Hollywood
Clairmont`s Gyrlie Mae Von Ti
Keepsakes Berrie Traditional
Cheyennes Shimmering Lights
Noah Of Lenette
Unchanged Melody of Lenette

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