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by Blackrivers on 30 May 2009 - 09:05


i need some information about the kennel name - Pocklea.

Do they have any stud dogs?

by proud mum on 15 August 2009 - 13:08

HI we have just got a new dog to replace our arson detection hero that died in march. he is beautiful his father  is Pocklea  adder from pocklea remus who is of course from Drakeshead on both sides. Dont know much of pocklea but you cant get better than Drakeshead both my dogs were from that stock


by Chkm8 on 16 August 2009 - 19:08

Well known kennel with a great reputation. Pocklea Adder being one of the dogs I would be more familiar with.
The IKC 2008 labrador od the year FTCH Ernvale Maud Of Copperbirch was sired by Pocklea Bracken Berry

by proud mum on 19 August 2009 - 12:08

Hi proud mum again did you manage to find what you were looking for ? as i said our dog is son of pocklea adder he is Dotlands Leroy not officially up for stud but may consider it. check out his pedigree.

by Blackrivers on 24 September 2009 - 19:09


Thanks for the replies - I just interested to know and possible interview the breeder. I have found out that the breeder may have died couple years ago. Another bloodline gone - pretty sad really


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