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by 2CHOCLABLUVR on 25 February 2009 - 02:02

In the Spring of 1993 I bought my first chocolate lab puppy, and of course bragged about him.  I met a woman that summer who critized him coming from a puppy mill, etc.  Well, let's just say that when she saw him as he grew, that idea changed.  I will admit he came from a family, but this woman was convinced that i had a special dog.  She bred, showed, hunted with brittanys, but had an eye for this dog for some reason.  She eventually saw MacGyver jump off a dock and retrieve a dummy, just for fun.  She almost fell off the dock, she was amazed that even at a young 1 year old, this dog jumped, retrieved, and kept looking back and watching me the whole time.  She told me some trial dogs have to be trained to do this.  
 Well, in 1994-95 ish she was trying to get me to enter him in shows. I refused.  She had me meet a breeder who lived in my backyard.  I cannot find the paper with the kennel or woman's name on it.  I was hoping someone might be able to help me.  This is what I know.  1)  The woman told me most of her dogs were shipped to belgium and used to hunt there.  2)  The kennel appeared to small, and was located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, USA,   3)  She told me that the 1 choc dog that I met was the number 3 Lab in the country in 1992 or somewhere in there and his name was PATRICK  4)  I believe the kennel name was BELNBOTH or something like that.  I have tried looking for the name but I don't think the kennel is there anymore. 
I know this is not alot to go on and no one probably will be able to help me, but I am missing my MacGyver tonight and began reminscing about him.  I had to ease his suffering in 2005, but I now have a  3 1/2 year old choc male who is strongly related to MacGyver.    I will greatly appreciate any help, I know the dates are over 10 years ago,


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