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by srilankagsd on 18 June 2008 - 08:06

When i searched for breeding age of dogs and stud dog, all most all mentioned that we should not breed before 2 years. I would like the opinion of others on upto what age can a stud dog be used for breeding.

I have some access to quality dogs who are not been used to breeding anymore so they are been sold. Kennels are making way to new younger dogs. These dogs are not in my country so I have to import them as I have a plan to improve the breeds but due to the economic situation is not able to import a young stud.

Please advise

by scs sankalpa labradors on 27 June 2008 - 18:06

I think After 18 month Male dog's Need's some studding.For thier total improovisation .


by panzertoo on 06 July 2008 - 00:07

There are many studs that have sired litters well past 10-12 even older I would ask when the last litter was whelped and if a recent sperm check had been done.the benefit of using older  males is you can see what they produce

by cena on 03 September 2008 - 19:09

hello every 1...............i m uncle cena of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now i would be living here..............feeling very comfortable that isb wala chokra//////// alll mahool set...........oyaaa SINDHU will cum to u later...(soon link will be sent to dogs pk).......

Cumin bak to ...ideal age of the dog when used as stud.????..diff ppl hav diff views abt it........uncles view gud over 20 months.....though it has been recorded that a lab breeder frm pak......used his dog at the age of 8 months.....that breeder is now president of the kennel club.....also a judge..writes books on labs also.....all rubbish .....posing with sandyland wali gwen broadly  in it...whom tony met once in life and told us all ...."my friend since the past 10 years ",,,,,,,,,,,jhoota

..ladies and Gm .....Cena .will tell u a lot of stories in the comming days yahan he rahna ha...i will stay with u ppl......abhi cena searching the site.......ok,,,,,,,,,,bye fr now



by Barkus on 26 September 2008 - 02:09

We often bred stud dogs over ten years old in the past.  I believe any breeding over ten years old now must be attested to by both the owner of the sire and dam if physically mated, or a vet if artificially inseminated.  The vet collecting the semen will be able to attest to the quality and quantity for storage and artificial insemination.  The stud's health is very important since any ailments or being very over or underweight will effect his abilities.

by lookin4ppgsd on 12 January 2009 - 00:01

2 y/o is the minimum age you should breed a dog due to the fact that you can't get their hips OFA certified . If you breed younger then that and your dog end's up having bad hips your going to produce problem puppies. I'd say 10 years is max if you plan on putting the stud with a female. If your gonna freeze the semen for A.I's  then i dont see a problem if the dogs older then 10.


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