Simple pedigree chart for Breezewood's Genuine Damascus Steele (637511)

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Simple pedigree chart for GCH. (US) Breezewood's Genuine Damascus Steele HT, CGC

GCH. (US) Breezewood's Genuine Damascus Steele HT, CGC
Nicklaus' Lionheart
Nero vom Rossbergerland
(SZ2021216 (AKC DL85503001))
VA3 (ES) Basko dell Utveggio SchH3
(GT624867 (SZ 1976823))
V1 Eros von der Luisenstraße SCHH3, ÉLITE A
V Anka von der Bertenau SCHH3 FH
Luna della Cerza (1990) SCHH1
V Janine vom Moränenpfad SchH1
V Genta vom Rossbergerland SchH1
V Tacko von der Wienerau SchH3
VA5 Xandra von der Wienerau SCHH3, IPO3
Nena von der Bickelwiese SCHH1
Bessi von der Bickelwiese SCHH1
Nicklaus' Desert Rose
CH (US) Autumn's Crimson Tide
SEL CH (US) Breauhausen's Red October ROM
(AKCDL522738/01 10-95)
SEL CH (US) Breauhausen's Danielle ROM
CH (US) Autumn's Satin Whisper ROM
Dolmar's Felicia
Nicklaus' Affair to Remember
SEL CH (US) Breauhausen's Red October ROM
(AKCDL522738/01 10-95)
SEL CH (US) Breauhausen's Danielle ROM
Nicklaus' Sweet Treat
Breauhausen's Fancy That
Covy-Tucker Hill's Imagine That
Covy-Tucker Hill's Firestorm
CH (US) Leiter's Firecracker
(AKCD809074 10-90)
CH (US) Leiter's Excalibur ROM
(AKCD551340 07-89)
Weicho's Casino
Weicho's Tokyo v Leiter
CH (US) Rohan's Reaction
(AKCWF277699 03-84)
Weidor's Isotta TC ROM
CH Covy-Tucker Hill's Ginny Wolf
6X SEL US CAN GV CH Hoheneichen Conan Survival
(AKCD718902 08-89 (Can))
ROM Hoheneichen's Bliss
(AKCD073922 01-88)
CH (US/CAN) Gidget Goes Covy-Tucker Hill HT, ROM
CH (US) Covy-Tucker Hill Carte Blanca ROM
CH Covy Tucker Hill's Dream a Lil Dream
SEL CH (US) Steinthal's Night Moves
CH (US) Riverdells Black Ice
Riverdells Dark Karma
Nicklaus Steinthal's Tasha
Nicklaus' Sweet Treat
SEL EX CH (US) Utopia's Blast From The Past ROM
(AKCDL786725/01 07-02)
CH (US) Rohan's Glass Palace ROM
(AKCDL47988701 02-95)
Yorkdom's Pharaoh Of Bethesda
(AKCDL32480101 12-92)
Rohan's Let's Celebrate
(AKCD793807 06-91)
Utopia's Sig Alert ROM
(AKCDL509028/02 09-96)
Utopia's Episode v Backachers ROM
(AKCDL35945602 07-93)

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