Simple pedigree chart for Tazzman's Aregon (602414)

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Simple pedigree chart for GV CAN SEL CH (US/C) Tazzman's Aregon

GV CAN SEL CH (US/C) Tazzman's Aregon
4X SEL MV CAN GV GCH Marquis Stealing The Show ROM TT
(AKCDN09443607 (08-06))
CH (US) Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff ROM
(AKCDN04223001 (07-04))
AOE SEL EX CH (US) Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes HSCS ROM TC HIC
(AKCDL64767204 (11-97))
1999 GV CH (US&CAN) Welove Du Chien's 'R' Man ROM
(AKCDL50826105 (07-95))
WeLove Langenau's Lucille
(AKCDL364899/10 03-94)
Kismet's Sweetheart Deal ROM
(AKCDA017403 10-93)
Pinebuck's Myra of Kismet
(AKCD286563 12-87)
SEL CH (US) TR's Quintessential V Kenlyn ROM
2XSEL CH (US) GV CAN Jag of Fran-Jo ROM
(AKCDL716283/02 11-99)
CH (US) Rebbecca of Fran-Jo Decathlon
(AKCDL535228/02 07-97)
CH TR's Pandora v Kenlyn ROM
(AKCDL708751/01 12-00)
CH (US) Schokrest Presidio ROM
(AKCDL479126/04 12-94)
TR's Jade v Kenlyn
(AKCDL535634/02 10-96)
Marquis' Finesse
(AKCDL90900901 (09-04))
SEL CH (US) Welove Du Chien's Rollins ROM
(AKCDL74015103 (05-00))
1996 GV CH (US) Stoneway's Uecker ROM
(AKCDL48703204 06-95)
Toro of Jeanden
(AKCD812662 05-90)
DuChien's Ghia of Langenau
(AKCDL339752/01 02-93)
Welove Du Chien's Heather ROM
(AKCDL60788904 (08-98))
Langenau's Mary Lou Du Chien
Saxonys Lady Godiva Winsome
(AKCDL78213401 (08-02))
CH (US) Winsome's Goer V Saxony
Saxony's Zoe
Masstana's Nicole ROM
CH Masstana's Mercedes
CH (US) Tazzman's It Wasn't Me
AOE 1997 GV CH Mar Haven's Color Guard HT PT TC ROM/ROMC
SEL CH (CAN) Hoheneichen's Caisson Avalon
SEL CH (US/CAN) Hoheneichens Magnum ROM
(AKCD010947 01-84)
CH (US) Carmil's Koko Channel
Avalon's Fancy Free ROM
Bachchen's Jedi
Gullywoods Cameo Of Avalon
Mar Haven's Cracklin Rose
AOE 2XGV CH (US) Campaigner's Gatewood Uzi ROM, CD, TC, HIC, HT, CGC, TDI
CH (US) Campaigner Gatewood Haganah ROM
Teufelberg's Shawmee
CH Aldon's Quincy
Teufelberg's Nepenthe of Echo
SEL CH Tazzmans Just In Time Madeb
'96 CANMV CH Tamar's Ind Coope
(CKCCG175278 (AKC DL58455501))
CH (US) Omega's Allegro PT TC ROM ROMC
(AKCDL337006/02 07-92)
CH (AKC) Von Nassau's Hanna Maria
(AKCD440531 06-87)
Tamar's Gin 'N Tonic
CH (US) Nike Clayfield Heritage
(AKCD704950 (CKC 1034150))
CH (CAN) Tamar's Devon Moor
CH (CAN) Karizma's Chanel of Woodside ROMC
Karizma's Red Red Wine
(AKCD866807 )
Petracca's Maggie Of Towaco
Woodsides Century Fox
Woodside Chelsey v Windigail
(AKCD089757 (05-86) (CKC 1001424))


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