Simple pedigree chart for Tindrocks Fire Storm At Nihm (566422)

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Simple pedigree chart for AOE SEL CH Tindrocks Fire Storm At Nihm

AOE SEL CH Tindrocks Fire Storm At Nihm
CH (US) Carobs Tazer V Berjan
SEL CH (US) Woodhaven's In Search Of TC, ROM
(AKCD729388 04-90)
Woodhaven's Ashley
(AKCWF190512 (7-84))
CH (US) Kolbrook's Ol' Waylon
CH Kolbrook's Glad to Be
Pinebuck's Chill Chaser
(AKCWE559153 10-82)
Kolbrook's Oreo v Warrick
Kolbrook's Leah of Woodhaven
(AKCD539918 (11-88))
Kolbrook's Smoke of Malibar
(AKCD360234 11-86)
Ryder of Fran-Jo
Malibar's Delhi Of Lorien
Kolbrook's Subaru
Kolbrook's Odessa
CH (US) Carob's Kenya of Berjan ROM
CH (US) Berjan's Just Jim of Kaleef
CH (US) Bramblewood's Custom-Made
Diamond Jade of Bramblewood TT ROM
GV CH Sea-Lairs Ciera ROM
Sea-Lairs Espiritu
Berjan's La Tess of Kaleef
Berjan's Blackie of Kaleef
GV CH Sea-Lairs Ciera ROM
CH (USA) Berjan's Brooklyn v Younghaus
CH (US) Debonair's Prosperity
CH (US) Tindrock's Light My Fire
CH Amber's Maxima ROM
(AKCDL404982/06 10-93)
CH (US) Amber's Stockbroker ROM
(AKCD509752 (6-88))
SEL CH (US) Langenau's Beau of Jeanden ROM ROMC
(AKCD246519 11-85)
US GVX CH Jeanden's L'Erin of Langenau
(AKCWE692898 04-83)
CH (US) Alpha Angelina of Issa ROM
CH (US) Amber's Rita v Zarzal
(AKCWE047122 05-81)
Amber's Nancy Reagan
(AKCD605045 10-88)
AOE GV CH Rio Valles Nestles Crunch CD, ROM, ROMC, TC, CGC, HI
(AKCWE988431 1-83)
Dolmar's Megan of Spring Rock
(AKCWD559288 07-80)
(USA) CH Amber's Sharon Hill of Patja
(AKCWE745071 08-85)
Amber's Remember Me of Patja
(AKCWE070178 02-80)
SEL CH (US) Tournaline Kena Ken-Delaine ROM TC
SEL CH (US) Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge ROM
(AKCDL383055/04 06-92)
CH (US) Ticketman of Fran-Jo ROM
(AKCD546064 (11-88))
Edie of Fran Jo II
SEL CH (US) Ken-Delaine's Avia ROM
(AKCD707559 (12-91))
CH (US) Janry's Givency ROM
Ken-Delaine's Puma ROM
SEL CH (US/CAN) Nike Clayfield Andretti ROM/ROMC, TC
(AKCD484251 11-87)
SEL CH (US) Clayfield Allways A Lady ROM
(AKCWF241732 07-84)
CH (US) Janry's Givency ROM
Wellspring's Kathleen ROM
(AKCWE319390 01-82)

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