Simple pedigree chart for Omega's American Express (526330)

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Simple pedigree chart for AOE SEL CH (US) Omega's American Express PT TC ROM

AOE SEL CH (US) Omega's American Express PT TC ROM
(AKCDL435010/03 03-94)
CH (US) Omega's Allegro PT TC ROM ROMC
(AKCDL337006/02 07-92)
CH Omega's First Edition ROMC
(AKCD580497 02-88)
1991 GV CH Woodside Nestlequik Merwestyn HT ROM
(AKCD408700 08-86)
AOE GV CH Rio Valles Nestles Crunch CD, ROM, ROMC, TC, CGC, HI
(AKCWE988431 1-83)
Dolmar's Megan of Spring Rock
(AKCWD559288 07-80)
Woodside Chelsey v Windigail
(AKCD089757 (05-86) (CKC 1001424))
Marwades Guinivere-Isis ROMC
Shamasay Galadril Clayfield ROM
SEL CH (US/CAN) Covy-Tucker Hill's Don Quixote ROM/C
(AKCWE421119 02-81)
Covy-Tucker Hill's Carmelita ROM
(AKCWD249475 05-78)
Shamasays Shalice
(AKCWD655641 03-81)
CH (US) Von Nassaus Bianna II
CH (AKC) Von Nassau's Hanna Maria
(AKCD440531 06-87)
Langenau Ruf' N' Ready Brasban
2 SEL CH (US) Proven Hill's Up N Adam ROM
(AKCWF078778 8-83)
Proven Hill's Keepsake von Sandon
(AKCWE731870 02-82)
SEL CH (US) Brasbans Promise Of Langenau
CH (US) Von Purdums Hidalgo
(AKCWD575890 04-78)
Langenau-Mecca's Nassau
Cornelia Of Nordlicht
CH (US) Halermida's Xanadu v Bel-Vista
SEL CH (US) Bel-Vista's Hera of Sylmar
Clayfield Meadows Tianya
Clayfield Smithfield Jordan ROM
Omega's Klahowya
(AKCD951410 (07-92))
CH Schneiderhof OJ of Madeira TC, ROM
(AKCD597638 06-89)
SEL CH (US) Langenau's Beau of Jeanden ROM ROMC
(AKCD246519 11-85)
SEL CH (US/CAN) Hoheneichens Magnum ROM
(AKCD010947 01-84)
CH (US) Carmil's Koko Channel
US GVX CH Jeanden's L'Erin of Langenau
(AKCWE692898 04-83)
Langenau's Minx Renaissance
(AKCWD593482 01-79)
CH (US) Schneiderhof's Elvira ROM
Schneiderhof's Centurion
(AKCD033112 05-84)
Fresca vom Haus Sagan
Schneiderhof's Alexandria CD
Kayla vom Lichtwalt CD
(AKCWE144276 12-81)
Von Nassau's Miss Lu
(AKCD285939 02-88)
Smithfield Nighthawk
(AKCWE806287 01-82)
SEL CH Covy Tucker Hill's Durango ROM
(AKCWD483888 5-77)
Covy-Tucker Hill's Turtle Dove
Smithfield Cedar Glen Opal
(AKCWC326594 02-75)
Smithfield The Sandpiper
(AKCWB604046 03-72)
Schaferhaus Cedar Glen Fleta
(AKCWA569636 04-66)
Cadet's Stardust Von Krogstadt
(AKCWE850403 03-83)
CH (US) Enderhaus's Comotion
Margo v Bid Scono
Cher-Hanns Chelsea Of Dee-Jay
Roverbach's Deja-Vu

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