Simple pedigree chart for Mar Haven's Color Guard (451710)

Pedigree Database

Adult trained German showline female, videos avail
Female for sale

Working Line Black & Tan Female
Female for sale

19 Month old West German show line female for sale
Female for sale

Simple pedigree chart for AOE 1997 GV CH Mar Haven's Color Guard HT PT TC ROM/ROMC

AOE 1997 GV CH Mar Haven's Color Guard HT PT TC ROM/ROMC
SEL CH (CAN) Hoheneichen's Caisson Avalon
SEL CH (US/CAN) Hoheneichens Magnum ROM
(AKCD010947 01-84)
CH (US) Proven Hill Jock Hoheneichen ROM
(AKCWE614553 11-81)
Proven Hill's A Sun Hawk
SEL CH (US) Proven Hill's Sunshine ROM
Jazmin Von Hoheneichen
(AKCWC222292 06-76)
SEL CH Eko-Lan's Morgan ROM
(AKCWB105335 (02-69))
Burga von Hoheneichen
CH (US) Carmil's Koko Channel
CH (US) Doppelt-Tay's Hammer ROM
(AKCWC978055 04-76)
CH Eko-Lan's Paladen ROM
(AKCWB424558 08-70)
Doppelt-Tay's Jessette
(AKCWC450370 02-75)
Carmil's Ebony v Hoheneichen
(AKCWD442043 03-79)
CH Zeus of Fran-Jo ROM
(AKCWC170280 02-84)
Jazmin Von Hoheneichen
(AKCWC222292 06-76)
Avalon's Fancy Free ROM
Bachchen's Jedi
Valmy's Coaltown ROM
SEL CH (US) Valmy's Uncola CD ROM
Bachchens Echo v Pinebeach
Pinebeach's Forget Me Not
Gullywoods Cameo Of Avalon
CH (US) Gabriel of Gan Edan
CH (US) Beau of Fran-Jo
(AKCWB546264 06-71)
Bee Jay's Holiday of Gan Edan ROM
CD ROM Conway's Charmaine of Avalon
Wynthea's Gina
Mar Haven's Cracklin Rose
AOE 2XGV CH (US) Campaigner's Gatewood Uzi ROM, CD, TC, HIC, HT, CGC, TDI
CH (US) Carmil's Stetson
Carmil's Prime Rate
CH (US) Carmil's Halo
Carmil's Martini
Yoncalla's Von Nassau's Ulla
CH (US) Campaigner Gatewood Haganah ROM
SEL CH (US /CAN) Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM/C
(AKCWE676475 07-81)
CH (US & CAN) Caprice Kitty Hawk ROM
(AKCWE168262 07-80)
1982 GVX CH (US) Merkel's Vendetta ROM
Merivern's Ms Fortunte V Sierra CD
Teufelberg's Shawmee
CH Aldon's Quincy
Cobert's Sirocco Of Windigail ROM
(AKCWD619268 08-78)
CH (US) Cobert's Windsong ROM
(AKCWC464878 05-77)
Royal Quest V Covy-Tucker Hill
Covy's Dorri of Tucker Hill
Teufelberg's Nepenthe of Echo
GV CH (US) Kismet's Impulse von Bismark ROM
CH Von Bismark Dark Angel
CH (US) Teufelberg's Irish Mist
CH (US) Judd von Kristy CD
(AKCWC287705 03-75)
Teufelberg's Della

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