Simple pedigree chart for Sandhill's Miss Piggy (2604842)

Pedigree Database

progeny Vrisco Niox !!!
Male for sale

Son of 2X VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag
Male for sale

Female GSD from Bonita vom Barenstein 2.5 years
Female for sale

Simple pedigree chart for Sandhill's Miss Piggy

Sandhill's Miss Piggy
Hylowe's Once In A Lyfetyme
Amherst's Lake Dallas
6X SEL US CAN GV CH Hoheneichen Conan Survival
(AKCD718902 08-89 (Can))
SEL CH (US /CAN) Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM/C
(AKCWE676475 07-81)
CH (US & CAN) Caprice Kitty Hawk ROM
(AKCWE168262 07-80)
ROM Hoheneichen's Bliss
(AKCD073922 01-88)
Proven Hill Ivy Hoheneichen
(AKCWE614606 07-83)
Amherst's Wheel Of Fortune
CH (US) Amherst's Deck The Halls TC
Amherst's Solana Beach
Cobert's Alabama v Hensan
Cobert's Valkyrie
WSCC/WGS CH Moonshadow's Petra von Hylowe
(AKCDL38449704 White)
Hoofprint Sundance
(CKCVU727016 DL37638001 12-91)
Hoofprint Lancelot
Hoofprint Midnight Too OVC
(CKCNW315379 /D661104 7-88)
CH Jo-el's Tezrha
(AKCWE611918 10-83)
Hoofprint Charlene
Hoofprint Pancho
(CKCPS324432 (D435000 12-87))
Hoofprint Mona
WGSDCII CH Regalwise Remember Me Always RX, HC, VWF 94%
(AKCD954342 12-91 White)
WGSDCII CH Regalwise Klone Ranger CDX, U-CDX, TD, TT, TDI, HC, CGC, CAN CD
(AKCD666227 9-89 White)
WGSDCII CH Regalwise Ideal Reka CDX, U-CDX, CAN CD, TD, CGC, HC, RXO
(AKCD414745 White)
WGSDCII CH Hytyme's Zion Rose Regalwise CDX, U-CDX, TD, TDI, CAN CD, HC, CGC, BH, FH, RX,
(AKCD570957 01-89 White)
Windstrom's Lone Wolf RXO
(AKCWF096834 (10-82) White)
Hytyme's Vixen RXO
(AKCD433932 7-87 White)
Sandhills Siera
Covy-Tucker Hill Marc Camp Flyer
CH Survival Windigail's Highflyer
SEL CH (US/CAN) Nike Clayfield Andretti ROM/ROMC, TC
(AKCD484251 11-87)
SEL CH (US) Clayfield Allways A Lady ROM
(AKCWF241732 07-84)
CH (CAN) Hoheneichen Cassandra Survival ROMC
ROM Hoheneichen's Bliss
(AKCD073922 01-88)
Covy-Tucker Hils Marc Mirage ROM
CH (US) Covy-Tucker Hill Ghostbuster ROM
Covy Tucker Hill's Sinderella ROM
Matthew's Suboja Lady
Suboja's Robin of Pope Valley
AWSA/WSCC CH Tumbledown's Tejano Tango
(AKCDL57426603 White)
CH Gozer the Destroyer CD, OVC
(AKCDL51641701 (White))
CH Jo-el's Spellbound
(AKCWE468615 White)
Lucy's Bronco Edlu-Mibach RXO
(AKCWD752683 05-79 White)
CH Jo-el's Charmer
(AKCWC951208 10-7 White)
Hoofprint Crystal White Conna
Hoofprint Pancho
(CKCPS324432 (D435000 12-87))
Hoofprint Mona
WGS CH Phoenix of Tumbledown WGS CH
(AKCDA004348 08-92 White)
Gloria's Steppin Out Beau
(AKCD554654 09-88 White)
Dapper Dan Von Finn
(AKCD191813 (White))
Gloria's Dolly of Sno-Crest
(AKCWE768376 02-82 white)
Hytymes Zanadau Tumbledown CGC RX
(AKCD582891 10-88 White)
Windstrom's Lone Wolf RXO
(AKCWF096834 (10-82) White)
Hytyme's Vixen RXO
(AKCD433932 7-87 White)

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