Simple pedigree chart for Donka's Patron (2453805)

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Simple pedigree chart for CH Donka's Patron

CH Donka's Patron
AM/CAN CH GV (CAN) Karizma's Ike of Edale
CH (US) Chestnut Hill's Apollo
Ambers Jay-Zee
CH (US) Ambers Kahlua Creme HIC, ROM
CH (USA) Amber's Lady In Red of Jo-Els ROM
Amber's Georgia Girl
CH Amber's Maxima ROM
(AKCDL404982/06 10-93)
Amber's Alabama
CH Kaleef's Million Dollar Baby
CH(US) Kismet's Boy Named Sioux
Kismet's Sweetheart Deal ROM
(AKCDA017403 10-93)
MoorHeide’s Xira
Stonehaven Diva V Mooreheide
MVX CH (US) Karizma's Liberia Von Loar ROM
CH (US) Karizma's Born in the USA
SEL CH (US) Scher-Lo's Jr. Executive ROM
Scher-Lo's Heidi
Karizma's Kookaracha
Karizma's Maggie Mae ROM
Karizma's Tanzania ROM
CH (US) Ambers Kahlua Creme HIC, ROM
CH (USA) Amber's Lady In Red of Jo-Els ROM
Karizma's Brazil
Jayria's Chad
Karizma's China
Donka's Sangria
CH SEL Winsomes Ray Bearone-V-Eko-Lan TC ROM
4X SEL MV CAN GV GCH Marquis Stealing The Show ROM TT
(AKCDN09443607 (08-06))
CH (US) Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff ROM
(AKCDN04223001 (07-04))
SEL CH (US) TR's Quintessential V Kenlyn ROM
Marquis' Finesse
(AKCDL90900901 (09-04))
Saxonys Lady Godiva Winsome
(AKCDL78213401 (08-02))
Winsome's Samantha Eko-Lan
Eko-Lan EJM's Athos
SEL CH (US/CAN) Eko-Lan's Havoc v Merivern
CH Winsome's Murphie Bearown
Winsomes Tortellini V Cypress
CH. Donka's Tequila Sunrise
CH Donka's Kahlua
CH Geor-Jan's Zurich ROM
(AKCDL57565502 07-96)
CH (US) Geor-Jan's Steel Magnolia ROM
Donka's Beaujolais ROM
(AKCDL62879001 02-98)
CH (US) Zinne's Anastasia V Donka
CH Donka's Xanadu
(AKCDL86046701 03-04)
SEL CH (US) Riverdell's Desperado ROM
CH Amber's Maxima ROM
(AKCDL404982/06 10-93)
Riverdells Dark Karma
CH Cresthaven's Chantilly Lace CGC, TDI
(AKCDL53918101 02-99)
Be-Lyn's Whitny Houston San-Oro


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