Simple pedigree chart for Barick's Jumpin' Jack Flash V Tindrock (1813019)

Pedigree Database

Excellent Young Showline Male for IPO potential
Male for sale

Very Nice Female German Black and Red
Female for sale

son of VA Cyrus Osterberger Land SG72 Sieger show
Male for sale

Simple pedigree chart for Barick's Jumpin' Jack Flash V Tindrock TC

Barick's Jumpin' Jack Flash V Tindrock TC
AOE SEL CH Tindrocks Fire Storm At Nihm
CH (US) Carobs Tazer V Berjan
SEL CH (US) Woodhaven's In Search Of TC, ROM
(AKCD729388 04-90)
Woodhaven's Ashley
(AKCWF190512 (7-84))
Pinebuck's Chill Chaser
(AKCWE559153 10-82)
Kolbrook's Leah of Woodhaven
(AKCD539918 (11-88))
Kolbrook's Smoke of Malibar
(AKCD360234 11-86)
Kolbrook's Subaru
CH (US) Carob's Kenya of Berjan ROM
CH (US) Berjan's Just Jim of Kaleef
GV CH Sea-Lairs Ciera ROM
Berjan's La Tess of Kaleef
CH (USA) Berjan's Brooklyn v Younghaus
CH (US) Tindrock's Light My Fire
CH Amber's Maxima ROM
(AKCDL404982/06 10-93)
CH (US) Amber's Stockbroker ROM
(AKCD509752 (6-88))
CH (US) Alpha Angelina of Issa ROM
Amber's Nancy Reagan
(AKCD605045 10-88)
(USA) CH Amber's Sharon Hill of Patja
(AKCWE745071 08-85)
SEL CH (US) Tournaline Kena Ken-Delaine ROM TC
SEL CH (US) Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge ROM
(AKCDL383055/04 06-92)
SEL CH (US) Ken-Delaine's Avia ROM
(AKCD707559 (12-91))
Ken-Delaine's Puma ROM
CH (US) Janry's Givency ROM
Baricks Tina Turner
Heartstar's Rock-It V Barick
2x GV ('02/'03) BIS 2x Sel Ex CH Marquin's Xtra! Xtra! HT RA TC ROM
AOE SEL BIM CH (US) Weicho's Flash Dance CD, HT, TC, ROM
(AKCDL65823202 12-98)
CH (US) Weicho's Fire Dance ROM
Marquin's Windsor Lass
Robar's Kim Novak
Guardian's Ester
CH (US) Ambers Kahlua Creme HIC, ROM
CH (USA) Amber's Lady In Red of Jo-Els ROM
Guardian's Ruby
Guardian Sneakers v Milynmar
Wolfgang's Blizzard
Gem-N-I Missmic Top Design
2000 GV CH Hickoryhill's Bull Durham TC HIC ROM
1996 GV CH (US) Stoneway's Uecker ROM
(AKCDL48703204 06-95)
Toro of Jeanden
(AKCD812662 05-90)
DuChien's Ghia of Langenau
(AKCDL339752/01 02-93)
Hundehaus Zoee Rosita
(AKCDL43458405 10-94)
Remy Crystal Rose
(AKCD787741 05-90)
Jerr's French Fryz
CH (US) Pinebeach's Stars N' Stripes ROM
(AKCD730270 05-90)
AM CH Kolbrook's Allez France
Cross Timber's Chuey Clihu ROM
Clihus real doll

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