5 generation long pedigree for Rolling H's Milio

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Black/Red Long coat male
Stud Dog

V1 O'Stryder v Nummer-Eins (HD-ED a1 normal IPO3,
Stud Dog

V Oudeis Degli Achei IPO2, KKL Puppies
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Pedigree for

Rolling H's Milio

AKC DL677487/03

Jamin Milo El Blanco
AKC/D579816 05-88 White

Noah King of Night
AKC/WF244895 (White)

Kilo Blanco Bruch
AKC/WD524441 White
Huns of Harmony
AKC/WC458528 White
Duke of Harmony
Tammy Von Kleckner
AKC/WB394620 White
Lady Shane of Moore
AKC/WD55152 White
Snow King of Maine
Frosty Ann III
AKC/WB910550 White
Sheeba Of The Hill
AKC/WD965903 (White)
No information about the sireNo information about the dam
No information about the dam
No information about the damNo information about the sire
No information about the sire
CGC Vashni
AKC/WE423453 03-82 white

Maplehofe's Caesar
AKC/WD845729 11-78 (White)
Count Kendall of Da Cher
AKC/WD070808 08-76 (White)
Kyuga of Cloverly
AKC/WC975586 white
Seizanne of Cloverly
AKC/WC719764 white
Erma La Duce of Da Cher
AKC/WD528488 11-77 white
Leviticus Adam
AKC/WC137974 white
Sabrena of Sunderman Groves
AKC/WC492254 white
Maplehofe's Snowball
AKC/WD802412 white
Kemosabe White Warrior
AKC/WC105191 white
Geronamo Arrow Head
AKC/WA529162 Black/Gold
Ree'dee Re'shell
AKC/WB708157 Black/Silver
Maplehofe's Frosty
AKC/WC325536 09-74 white
Michaelangelo the Great
AKC/WB495376 white
Star Bonnie
AKC/WC270951 white
Rolling H's King Lady

Rolling H's King Of Chaparral
AKC/DL50606507 (White)

Hahns Buchheimer
AKC/D721455 06-91 White
Chris's Sonny Von Silvercloud CD
AKC/D360240 10-97 White
Chris's Silver Von Snowcloud CD
AKC/D158044 White
Shanna-Snow Of Wonderland
N H Furstin Schatz
AKC/D486989 10-88 White
Ro Lo Count Von Hipin Duke
AKC/D216901 08-85 White
N H White Russian
AKC/D178743 08-85 White
Chaparral's Holly Natchez
AKC/DL42926005 02-94 (White)
Merlin VIII
AKC/WM740485/02 11-92 White
Charlie Glasnap
AKC/WE178646 06-81 White
AKC/WE176786 06-81 White
Ve-Lin's Midnight Holly Noel
AKC/D887634 White
Hoofprint Midnight Too OVC
CKC/NW315379 /D661104 7-88
Ivey Noelle Von Schultz
AKC/D661098 White
Rolling H's Von Snowcloud

Sir Major Walls
AKC/DL452584/09 06-93
Sir Cody Baker
AKC/D970256 (White)
Terror's Sasquatch Blizzard
Beck's White Crystle
Lady Sugar Babe
Sir Kodiak II
AKC/D375199 (white)
Lady Candace Taylor
Rolling H's White Shadow
AKC/DL314893/02 09-93 (White)
Sergeant Mike Kurpicski
AKC/D878850 (white)
Andre Knight In White Satin
AKC/D604880 (white)
White Satin's Crowned Jewel
AKC/D605239 (white)
Sheba Florence
AKC/D694584 (White)
No information about the sire
No information about the dam

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