Simple pedigree chart for Barick's Turmoil in D.C (1339687)

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Simple pedigree chart for CH Barick's Turmoil in D.C

CH Barick's Turmoil in D.C
AM/CAN CH GV (CAN) Karizma's Ike of Edale
CH (US) Chestnut Hill's Apollo
Ambers Jay-Zee
CH (US) Ambers Kahlua Creme HIC, ROM
CH (USA) Amber's Lady In Red of Jo-Els ROM
Amber's Georgia Girl
CH Amber's Maxima ROM
(AKCDL404982/06 10-93)
Amber's Alabama
CH Kaleef's Million Dollar Baby
CH(US) Kismet's Boy Named Sioux
Kismet's Sweetheart Deal ROM
(AKCDA017403 10-93)
MoorHeide’s Xira
Stonehaven Diva V Mooreheide
MVX CH (US) Karizma's Liberia Von Loar ROM
CH (US) Karizma's Born in the USA
SEL CH (US) Scher-Lo's Jr. Executive ROM
Scher-Lo's Heidi
Karizma's Kookaracha
Karizma's Maggie Mae ROM
Karizma's Tanzania ROM
CH (US) Ambers Kahlua Creme HIC, ROM
CH (USA) Amber's Lady In Red of Jo-Els ROM
Karizma's Brazil
Jayria's Chad
Karizma's China
SEL/CH Shoal Creek's Sangria V Barick
SEL CH, BIM Greenwood's Achillles TC, ROM
CH 3X SEL EX Bill-Mar's Here Comes Trouble TC ROM
CH (US) Eagle Valley's Pfizer
SEL CH ROM (US) Eagle Valleys' Sophie
Stonehedge Jessica v Ken Delaine
Ken-Delaine's Adria ROM
CH (US) Helmic's Cassandra
SEL CH (US) Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge ROM
(AKCDL383055/04 06-92)
SEL CH (US) Ken-Delaine's Avia ROM
(AKCD707559 (12-91))
CH Covy-Tucker Hill's M & M Jimeni
Covy-Tucker Hill's Meagan ROM
CH (US) Meghan o'shea of Heinerburg
AOE SEL EX CH (US) Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes HSCS ROM TC HIC
(AKCDL64767204 (11-97))
1999 GV CH (US&CAN) Welove Du Chien's 'R' Man ROM
(AKCDL50826105 (07-95))
WeLove Langenau's Lucille
(AKCDL364899/10 03-94)
Kismet's Sweetheart Deal ROM
(AKCDA017403 10-93)
Pinebuck's Myra of Kismet
(AKCD286563 12-87)
Magic Moment of Heinerburg
(AKCDL848539/06 07-02)
CH (USA) Schokrest San Diego
(AKCDL567525/05 12-96)
Schokrest Clayfield Vision ROM
(AKCDL377256/01 04-93)
Heinerburg's Amber V Cartel
(AKCDL380921/03 06-94)
Cartel's Starlight Express
(AKCD947526 06-91)

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