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by johan77 on 28 August 2021 - 14:08

The best breeders are the ones who breed healtier and better charcter/workingability than many others I suppose. Some have low levels of HD/ED in their litters and many evaluated dogs for example so it´s easy to see how good they are in that respect for example, just as you can see how many dogs they have placed in sport or police or other "real work" or better yet see their dogs yourself and make up your own opinion if it is a type of dog that fits your idea of ideal dog. It´s bit more tricky to know if there are other health problems that are not any public data on, nothing beat an honest breeder who are open about these things. Also as Duke said, some combinations by the same breeder could be closer to your ideal than others. Speaking of dogs, this one had have been quite much used here in breedings, a blend of czech/german/swedish lines, a policedog who also have produced very well when it comes to HD/ED and I know several are working in police or security, don´t now if he would pass Valks "minimum" breedworthy standard when it comes to looks but he is a nice looking dog like his father,


by duke1965 on 28 August 2021 - 14:08

Valk, unfortunately you cant walk a street in both directions at the same time, so you got to prioretize, workingqualities first, if they have desired looks, thats a bonus, unfortunately, there are not a lot of great dogs to pick from for breeding so that we can also select for build, muzzlesize, bone and colour, its just not there


by Hundmutter on 28 August 2021 - 17:08

Assert a dog's not bad looking, just like his sire, and then link a pedigree page where neither are photogtaphed ! Way to go Johan, no one can disagree with that.

But still not a discussion of "Best WL Breeder" ....

by johan77 on 28 August 2021 - 18:08

There is a picture on the father index in the pedigree I linked to. Some pics of the dog in question,

by xPyrotechnic on 28 August 2021 - 19:08

IMO there is no singular best working line breeder its too subjective, rather there are a few excellent breeders, because nobody continuously produces excellent stock of dogs they all fall off after a few generation or so in term of their quality.

by ValK on 28 August 2021 - 23:08

yeah, as you said Ozzi pretty much resembles his father. but i wouldn't call this a sturdy powerful constitution, desirable for male dog of GS breed.
you may compare that to male dog from related breeding and make your own conclusion.

duke, none need to move in two opposite directions at the same time. one just need to have uncompromised approach to correctly selected mating and do not look for excuses if neccesity arise to wash-out of breed the faulty specimens.
i'm not a breeder and never was but i did have priviledge for many years to be observer and tester of results of such uncompromised breeding and can asure you - it's very much possible if needs and desire available.
as for your example in regard of West Germany show breeding and results (sorry i somehow missed it in my previous response) they actually never tried to blend together looks and work potential. 
b.t.w. i never liked how they looks. there aren't any even slightest hint to athletism. only size and fluffiness. one word - hochzuch :)

East Germany took direction exclusively toward utilitarian type of dogs and that approach did create the GS dogs of distinct and easy recognizible looks with rational and practical features of build.


by Hundmutter on 29 August 2021 - 01:08

Johan, you might have mentioned we'd have to go digging...

Inclined to agree with XPyrotechnic. On one hand we have had the late Jiri mentioned, and Prager on the other; some members have been non-commital about their own sources (for good reasons, outlined in previous posts) so they aren't nominating anyone. So I have not seen any concensus. Could it be that the answer to Txarkoeta's question is that there ISN'T one 'best breeder for the decade', because customers are looking for different things, both in their dogs and in any related services ?

by txarkoeta on 29 August 2021 - 04:08

I think the subject has been diverted a lot ..

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 29 August 2021 - 06:08

txarkoeta, I agree so let's get back to the subject of this thread " Best Working line German Shepherd breeder of the Decade?"

by johan77 on 29 August 2021 - 11:08

Valk, yes there are many dogs that are more "powerfull" looking, my point was more it would be foolish to weed out healthy good working dogs with functional structure because they are not built like a bear.

But back on topic. The question is too unclear, what is a good "workingline" breeder anyway when not all have the same goal in breedings, is it for top sport, service, health and so on. I guess you have to choose after what priorities you have.


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